2 of my boys were busily drawing last night and yelling out “don’t look, don’t come over here Mum!“. Love them…

I think you can tell a lot about the child from how they draw their family. Don’t you?

Here are their drawings…

This one is from my middle child, Tex (he’s 7). He always draws just him and I. He needs that extra bit of love. Sensitive, clever, quiet and will sail through most things. He’s the one I think I need to keep my eye on, or he’ll slip through my fingers. Loves his Mum more than anything and I know he longs for one-on-one time with me. I try to recognise that every day.

This one is by my baby child, Chevy. He only EVER draws Mummy, Daddy and him. ALWAYS. I have piles of drawings with only the 3 of us (and the dog!). He believes there are no other members in our family. He believes he is the centre of the universe and no one can enter in to his little bubble. A day-dreamer, a rat bag and still a baby (although he’s 6!). Ok, so see the little green people?? He added those in later when I asked where are your brother’s? He’d happily never have them in the picture. This makes me laugh!

It’s these little moments where I wish I could put a lid on things.

Yesterday I spent the morning at school watching these 2 do their athletics carnival. They made me laugh. They were so serious and competitive. Hmmm where do they get that from?? HA!

They are the best of friends and love each other to death. They’re only 17 months apart, but I think they should be twins.

Please don’t let them grow up!