Boys bedrooms – I have 3 of them to decorate...

Boys bedrooms – I have 3 of them to decorate!

As my new house kicks off, I have been thinking about the boy’s bedrooms. There are 3 of them for me to decorate (I’ve missed talking about interiors over here on my blog!).

I’ve been looking for some inspiration and I can tell you I am feeling flat. I am totally uninspired. Girls rooms look so much easier…

So when we move in I’ll have an 11 year old, 8 year old and 6 year old. They’re not babies and I don’t do themes, so I’ve been looking for some ideas. I’m failing. Things are too cute, too themed or too babyish.

There is a definite niche there. Someone needs to go in to boys bedrooms! Maybe I should!

I could draw a little inspiration from the pictures below though…

[Click on the images for their sources]

I loved the orange, the black and the pallets. This could work for my eldest. But not wall stickers.

Again, the orange and the black. A bit of pattern. Nothing too cute here which is good.

My middle one could have a few stripes. Don’t like the nautical for him though.

I loved these globes as lights. So cool and so easy to make!

Loved this chest of draws for my youngest. Don’t mind a bit of the Union Jack look. It’s everywhere at the moment.

Now this is pretty cool. Would love a shelf/display like that for my middle child. His eyes popped when I showed him this picture. He loves his Lego!

Love the graffiti look. My eldest would like this. A touch of punk would work well for him. I’d probably do black, yellow, orange bedding (maybe) and then set it off with huge graffiti artwork. Now, how the heck do I get my hands on these!?

They all want a coloured Tolix reproduction chair. I’m hoping to build a desk area in to their rooms for each of them.

I am a real lover of ‘Industrial’ so I think this style would work well for my boys. It’s just a matter of finding the stuff. And I don’t have thousands of dollars to do it! All on a budget. Plus I’m Wagga, so I have to source what I can here or online.

I’ll start on their bedlinen first and then go from there.

A spash of orange (loving this colour right now!).

My eldest also asked me for one of these deer heads. I like the coloured glossy ones too.

I also love the industrial numbers. So a collection of these as a wall display would be very cool for one of the boys…

Ok, time to get hunting Katrina!

[update: here are some makeovers I recently did on my boys’ rooms!]


  1. I feel your pain! I just buy nice linens and lights and leave it at that. Not into themes at all. Although for his first room as a baby we painted giant Dr Seuss mural around his walls.

    TDM xx.

  2. Jode

    31 May

    Good morning!
    Thanks for all the awesome boys room ideas,
    some of those ideas my boys would love too!
    Have fun working and have a great day.
    x Jode

  3. Kek

    31 May

    Decorating boys’ rooms was too hard for me – I just gave up on mine, painted a feature wall, bought bed linen and left it at that. 🙁

    I just did a quick search for graffiti art posters and got a lot of hits. This one looks promising: And Tolix chairs? $129 isn’t too bad:

  4. Jayde

    31 May

    Katrina that lego display is amazing…i really need to be getting one of those for all of Baileys figures, they are everywhere at the moment, hes our lego freak. The graffiti art is a cool idea and there is a couple of guys in wagga wIho may be able to help you out, I’m not sure entirely of all the work they do but Jaydon is currently doing a graffiti course with them at RCC, let me know if you want some more info. I think you have found some good ideas though cause I have to agree that boys rooms can be so hard and boring…i don’t do themes either

    • Katrina

      31 May

      A graffiti course? Wow! how cool is that? Bet he loves it. Yeah, I’d love to see if I could get a massive canvas done. X

      • nikki esler

        28 March

        hi there i love the storage idea for the lego ive an 8 year old boy and were going to be decorating his room shortly trying to pick colours and a theme he loves dinasours i know well eventually work it out but its just deciding thanks for the inspiration from nikki in northern ireland

  5. Kimberly

    31 May

    We are just about to move to our new place after renting for the past 12 months and I can’t wait to get into decorating my boys rooms!! After the awful packing, moving and unpacking comes the fun part! Look forward to you sharing your ideas 🙂 x

  6. It is so hard with boys isn’t it. I find my daughter much easier in the decorating area. I do love the pallet beads though – gorgeous and easy to make.

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  7. Cool pics…I love those globe lightshades and yes so easy to do!

    Also love miss Mustard Seed’s Union Jack dresser, I have done a couple of my own over the years, and still feel more coming on, lol! One of them I did in Pink, Grey and White though so that wouldn’t suit boys!

    I am lucky to have a boy and a girl so get to decorate both options 🙂


    • Katrina

      31 May

      I think I’ll give it a good too. I have the perfect cupboard for it too.

  8. Cathy

    31 May

    Love the orange and black, the pallets and globe lights! Oh and love the graffiti idea too (don’t think my hubby would go for that one though) lol

    If not wall stickers, why not a real skateboard or two mounted to wall… Or I can sort of envision a wall of wheels (bicycle, motorbike etc) as a feature? Then again, this is why I’m not a decorator…

    • Katrina

      31 May

      I wouldn’t graffiti the wall, just a big canvas. My husband would die too if I did that! 🙂

  9. Cathy

    31 May

    I agree about the themes because they tend to outgrow but if it’s something they are super passionate about and looks like they’ll be obsessed for the long haul, then I’d consider it. At the moment, my boys just have colour themed rooms…didn’t get around to decor because then we decided to move… So that will be next house! Looking forward to seeing all your ideas!

  10. Kathie

    31 May

    Try Having a boy & a girl sharing!!! I found Ikea to have fairly neutral & cheap stuff that worked together as a good start. But, yes, a lot ofit will come down to the individual pieces, that will ‘make’ the room.

  11. As a huge Interior Design buff I am LOVING your inspiration! I am so over themed rooms! I prefer to just go with flashy linen and add a print or something funky to the wall. It’s too hard to change it all after the event otherwise. I am over my four walls at the moment and want to repaint but can’t decide what I want. I guess I am feeling uninspired too. It’ll come to me. You’ll see something that grabs you! The way I narrowed stuff down was by doing the Pinterest or Google Image thing, then I went back and looked at what I’d collected and I saw a pattern emerging. I did exhaust the process though and ran out of things to look up LOL 😉 Woops! Back to the magazines maybe?

  12. You know the good thing about decorating a boys room is they don’t seem to mind what you do! Whereas girls want to have an input and that can make things difficult.
    Really love the globes as lights too, you must use them they are gorgeous. xT

    • Katrina

      31 May

      The globes are so cool aren’t they?!

  13. Amber

    31 May

    Love the orange colors they go well for boys and adds color. The industrial look sounds good iam really looking forward to seeing the rooms as you go along. And please share the get online sites you find I too live in a small qld town so online shopping has become the regular. The union jack drawers n globe lights are fabulous.

  14. Letitia

    31 May

    All gorgeous. LOVE the union jack style at the moment, works perfectly for boys. Letitia xx

  15. WOW. I will just take all your inspiration. Maybe i will be decorating the same time as you are moving into your house at the rate my builder is going.
    Looks like end of august for us now. Not that i am holding onto anything he says.
    Pen x

  16. LisaW

    31 May

    I don’t envy you decorating 3 boys bedrooms! I’m finding it difficult enough to do 1!! I’ve been collecting inspiration on my pinterest board. You’re welcome to have a sticky beak.
    Cheers, Lis.

    • Katrina

      31 May

      I’ve copied some of your pins – thank you!!

  17. Tracey Bradshaw

    31 May

    About to do my 2 boys rooms (aged 13 and 11) – 13 year old is easy – we have EVERY detail planned. 11 year old is harder because I am not ready to update his furniture and it sort of screams nautical (though maybe not) – white ikea hemnes daybed, white 9 drawer basket drawers – 3×7 bookcase (currently stained pine and will be painted – red?) – current (expensive) linens are red, turquoise, white and navy… Ideas?
    We have just moved in here – will email you the before pics as used by the agent to promote the home for sale…. Horrifying crimes against decorating were performed here – or they used a colour blind monkey to choose the colours..

  18. Great ideas Katrina! I am always saving boys room on my kid’s room board on Pinterest – maybe you can find some more inspiration there – I don’t like themey rooms either! I often like the kids room in Real Living, Lonny and the other online mags too – they are a bit more creative I think! xx

    • Katrina

      31 May

      Thank you for letting me look! I’ve copied some 🙂

  19. Jo

    31 May

    Hi Katrina,

    Loving your pictures. We are going through exactly the same here at the minute with my two girls. We decorated their rooms almost 9 years ago when we had a three year old and a baby. I kept it winnie the pooh free and very all age friendly, but the time has come.

    So my almost 9 year old is going for a pink, black and white theme. She is my animal print queen, so we will have quite a bit of zebra and the odd leopard print thrown in. We are going with that 50’s glamour look. Found an awesome print for her wall at Vintage Venus. You might find something for the boys there too.

    My almost 12 year old wants lots of vintage maps and orange! I’m finding this one a bit more of a challenge, but I’m a bit excited by it. She loved the wallpaper with the tree trunks that Dale and Sophie used in their bedroom last week, so we might do a feature wall. I think this will be the earth child bedroom. Could I have two girls who are any more different?

    And your lego shelving – my guess are they are old printers trays painted white, just looking at the shape of them. I love an old printers tray!

    I’m going to take a few photos as we go over on my V&R Facebook page.

    Good luck – I llloooovvveee when you talk interiors!

    • Katrina

      31 May

      Sounds so amazing. Totally loving the 50 glamour look! Yes, get that wallpaper Sophie used. I’ve seen it up close – very cool!

  20. Jo

    31 May

    Oh, and I got great bed linen in Tar-jay this week. They have a teen’s range. It’s not all fantastic, but the odd piece was great. Worth a look.

  21. Linda

    31 May

    I just redrew my boys room the other night .. they came in with me and measured and worked out where to put what. I am giving them double beds (they will be big soon – they are now 6 + 8) and am putting black shelving, darker coloured walls, pinboards, posters .. the lot. I drew it up and then they coloured it in. I am creating interior nuts just like me.

    totally loving that lego box thing – might have to get hubby to build something similar for my 2. they would kill for that!!

    Glad you are feeling a little better – hope you have a restful weekend. I don’t comment much on here but visit every day. Thanks for the entertainment (-:

  22. Hi Katrina, I’ve looooved doing my boys rooms, but i’ll admit it was a challenge when it’s so easy to go pretty for girls! I’ve also eschewed the ‘themes’ on offer and have gone for lots of fun colour. In Master 7’s room one entire wall I’ve pinned a huuuuge fabric aqua and white world map (from urban outfitters online), and another entire wall is chalkboard which is a huge hit! All of the furniture is white and i’ve included lots of pops of orange. It’s all pretty inexpensive, but so fun! Good luck with yours, no doubt they’ll be super cool! x

    • Katrina

      31 May

      Chalk – yes, I must do that! Thank you!

  23. Natalie Soire

    31 May

    Love your ideas! I have 2 boys (4 & 2) but I don’t do themed characters either! Definately a market for it… Can’t wait to see the finished product and also your sources… Keep us up to date. Xo

  24. Kate

    31 May

    The Tafe art class might have someone that does graffiti or even do a graffiti class?

  25. Shelley

    31 May

    Love the beds in the first picture! And the globe lights, the moose head, the Lego display, ok all of it! have fun planning!

  26. Deanne

    31 May

    I have just done 3 older boys rooms last year, my oldest boy just got bunks and stripy quilt covers, and hung his bow and arrows on the wall.
    The next has white chenille with green and blue stripe quilts and a vintage Paris travel poster as he loves France. The youngest who was 11 at the time has red, black and beige, a chalkboard door and his bookshelves hold his toys and books. I love using their things to decorate and add colour to their rooms

  27. Struth

    31 May

    My boys are a bit younger but I went for some stripes and dots from and a few pinboards from I personalised a little for my 5 year old so it was quite modern as I didn’t want him to outgrow it. Decals can look quite nice if you choose the right quality and design. The striped decals on the VJs in the room worked well. I also block mounted some space pictures from but that was a bit more exxie. I bought some great artwork from Mooch designs also has fabric wall art that is quite cost effective but quite girlie designs.

  28. MJ

    31 May

    I am currently doing up a room for my 2.5yr old son and have decided to keep it simple. The main pieces of furniture are things he can grow with and won’t date, and I will add pieces that can be easily changed down the track. Everything looks nice in theory but in practice there is a hell of alot of dusting to do with an overly cluttered room. I am big ondusting and cleaning especially since kids are so prone to everything. Keep it simple, a classic style bed, some nice shelving and accessorise with things (i.e retro globes, wall art, cushions) that can be easily washed and changed. Hope this helps. Cheers.

    • Struth

      1 June

      Yes, my son has a dust mite allergy so I don’t have much clutter either. I hear you!

  29. Heather

    31 May

    I find that the second you don’t want to ‘theme’ or use the typical ‘Toy Story’ type stuff decorating kids rooms is hard, particularly boys. When we move in the new year I’ll have the 2 boys rooms to decorate and our little girl on her way…can’t wait but it’s daunting sometimes!

  30. Esther Diepeveen

    31 May

    I am LOVING all your inspiration pics, love the orange, the deer head and the globe lights…nothing happens when I click on the pic. Was wondering if there was somewhere with more info on how to make them?

    • Katrina

      1 June

      Oh, I found the globes in a magazine – I think it was Real Living. There was no further detail on how to make them. Sorry! X

  31. A-M

    1 June

    Loving everything here. You haven’t even built the house and you have your boys’ rooms down pat. So organised. Love the orange and black idea…. and the graffiti thing. A hip and a hop! A-M xx

  32. Jess

    1 June

    I LOVE Orange and navy together,they go perfectly!! I also love the vintage map look! Good Luck, cant wait ti see the finished products!

  33. Ohh and also re job, I am looking for some admin work… Eleven years experience. Will wait for the call out lol

  34. Hmm having trouble posting. Will try again.
    Here are a few websites to try they are closing down soon and have reduced all their stock.

    Re your house build, my husband owns Powers Insulation and Plumbing and they also do solar power and solar water if you are intered.

    • Katrina

      3 June

      Hi Natalie, thanks! If you like, you could email about your husband’s business. That would be awesome!

  35. If I lived near you I could have done the graffiti. Done lots of that in my time (legal stuff). Love the Lego storage, we need something like that too.
    Good luck!
    Ness xx

  36. Hi Katrina,
    great ideas for boys bedrooms! Not sure if you know of my blog but If you are interested in a union jack dresser, i could paint you one. I have painted a couple before
    Actually a couple of my pieces of furniture are already in Wagga. LOL
    Have a good day
    Cheers Fiona

  37. Hey loving the ideas here. I know what its like trying to come up with great storage and workable/sleepable spaces for young fellas.
    I have found the perfect space for my 14 year old. We are renting and the new house has a sleepout – a converted garage, this will be the cave..reference being dark 24/7 and doesn’t open curtains but will turn on light..arrggh! He is stoked that he has the reigns to make it his own. Lego fan bigtime, used our old pantry and took the doors off to display his wares but now I have to reclaim it and return it to its original purpose of storing food. Cube storage is my all time fav piece..searching for one as we speak. Bunnings do a diy job and budget friendly. Nice one girl! 🙂

  38. KL

    3 June

    So many great ideas here Katrina. I think little boy’s rooms are easy peasy but pre-teen and teen very challenging! I dislike ‘themed’ rooms too. I found with my son’s new bedroom (still unfinished) that once I had a colour scheme and sourced some bedlinen the rest sort of fell into place. It includes black / white and red / yellow, is a bit retro, graffiti bed linen & a massive union jack wall paper artwork. (Vivienne Westwood for Cole & Sons)! Great minds think alike eh?!
    x KL

  39. Kathy McMullen

    8 June

    For the artwork/graffiti have a chat to Dan Seddon from signsplus graphics.

  40. Belinda

    29 June

    A great collection of images! I design nurseries and kids rooms….although mostly nurseries but working on a funky 7 year old boys room at the moment

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