Yesterday was a day of sorting + culling. Today is more of the same.

It all started with the new bed. Once I knew that was coming, I starting cleaning stuff and then I couldn’t stop.

I did say I was ending 2011 on a clean and clutter-free note. That I am.

I have pretty much been through everything in the house. Today I am sorting out everything I have in storage. You should see the boxes I have! I am going to have a garage sale. I’ve moved twice in 12 months already, and am about to move again (more about that in tomorrow’s post). All this moving requires me to more organised as this won’t be the end of the moving (catch me if you can!).

Husband is helping me. We have a plan… we are going to sort everything in to 3 piles:

1. Garage Sale

2. Re-pack

3. Toss

He’s going to back the ute up to the shed so I can pile all the junk in it for the tip. Better get to it before it gets too hot. But I don’t know how I’ll get him up out of that new bed! He’s in “heaven” he just said. Ha!

I’m saying over and over in my head clutter-free start to a new year. Clear mind, clean home, fresh start.



  • Deb

    Go girl! You’ve got to feel good after that cleaning and sorting! I’m envious I can’t do the same, I’m in Batemans Bay in a tourism industry and lucky to be getting the bed made at the moment x

  • Penny

    Love the feeling of a clutter free house. It just seems to creep back so quickly.
    The bed looks very comfy
    Pen 🙂

  • Sarah B

    There seems to be a lot of us in blogland who are having cleanouts. The main one on my list is the walkin pantry. Am not looking forward to it!
    Best wishes for a great 2012!
    Ps I love nailpolish too 🙂

  • Jode

    Hi Treen,

    If there is anything I learnt from our mammoth sale, don’t throw anything away before you give the people the chance to purchase! I was amazed at what people will buy and what they will pay for it! Put it all out for your sale first, then throw away what you don’t sell!

    I thought I had cleared all my junk, I’m still unpacking and thinking, why did I keep that, and that, and that????

    I think I could have a clean out again. Don’t tell Quinny! He wanted to get rid of the lot in the beginning!

    Have a great day.
    x Jode

    • Katrina (author)

      Good advice Jode! How are you anyway!?! All going well? x

  • Cathy

    Doing same here and it feels great 🙂 Um usually such a hoarder but then some of it is just junk/useless/a waste of space! Wish it could stay clutter free.

  • deb

    I’m with Jode, it is amazing what people will buy.

  • Louise

    Hi Katrina!
    LOOOOOVE your blog, particularly because I also have three kids, Mr 6, Mr 5 & Ms 4, and my sister is my bestie!!! Am giggling at your ‘sick box’, we have overflowed into two!!! Goes with having kids! Have a fab afternoon!!

  • A-M

    There is nothing like doing an inventory of everything you own and reducing it considerably! It’s a good feeling knowing everything you have and knowing where everything is. I can honestly pack up my home in one day now, I have moved so much. We should write a book of how to be nomads! A-M xx

  • A-M

    … ‘on’ how to be nomads, not ‘of’. Distracted by fighting children. xx

  • Kek

    PLEASE tell me that isn’t one of those craptastic ab device thingies that are advertised on daytime TV? Oh dear….

    • Katrina (author)

      Hahahaha!!! Yep, I tried to tell him!

  • Fee @ Oh Gorgeous Baby

    I’ve been having a similar clean out Katrina as I want to start the New Year feeling less heavy. I did boot camp Nov/Dec and now I’m tackling the house. I’m yet to tackle the big gahoonah aka my office but with one day left before HHS new year begins looks like I’m doing it tonight and tomorrow.
    I’m then going to try a sale too as I havd so much stuff between my old business, products sent to me to trial on my blog and then our ‘stuff’ I’ve been hanging onto so much I now know it’s time to let it go and move into the New Year weightless!
    Here’s to a happy and clutter free New Year!

  • Sue

    I neeed you here Katrina!!!

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