Yesterday + only 4 more sleeps!

Yesterday was a great family day. 2 birthday’s and lovely birthday party in the park with heaps of family and friends. Aunts, great Aunts, cousins, Mum, Dad, brother… We had such a great day! Plus, the tooth fairy visited our house and check out what the boys found in their veggie garden!

I can’t believe there is only 4 sleeps until Christmas. I’m having Christmas lunch at my house this year. It will be a great day.

What are you doing for Christmas lunch?

How are you all surviving the school holidays so far?

What’s Santa bringing you this year?

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  • Steph says:

    Love love love the Cake! What a cool idea! Did you make it?

  • Jackie Mitchell says:

    Great to see you & the boys yesterday it was a great Day Celebrating, you all looked like you had a great arvo in the pool…my arvo wasnt quite what I expected… I cant believe it poor liv holidays & Christmas at the beach with a broken arm!!!
    Cant wait to catch up at Glamping!!!!
    To (You) Katrina, Andrew, Cruz, Tex & Chev have a great Christmas & A Happy New Year
    I really enjoy all your blogging its a great read.. I love what you do keep it up..


    • Katrina says:

      Oh I can’t believe that happened to Liv! Poor little bubba. Good to see you yesterday too. Hope you have a great Xmas and yes, I’m dreaming about our trip! xo

  • A-M says:

    Oh what a lovely day…. and topped off with the tooth fairy… how can you beat that! We’re having the quietest of Christmas’ up here. Were actually going out for Christmas lunch…. no prep at all. A-M xx

  • Sue says:

    There are always so many bithdays close to chrissy, we have thirteen in January in my family! So its like having two Christmas’!
    Have a great one Katrina, and enjoy the up and coming New Year!

  • Cathy says:

    Looks like it was an awesome day! Well done on the vegetable growing and congrats on the tooth fairy visit 🙂 Frantically hurtling towards Christmas!

  • Anna says:

    Off to NZ for Christmas tomorrow, spending the day with family and then heading to one of the Lakes for New Year with friends.

    Santa has already visited me early and I got a great reupholstered chair I’d been eyeing up at Vintage Stash.

    It has been great to discover this blog and I hope you have a great Christmas and Happy New Year.

  • Katrina says:

    Thank you Anna – you have a lovely trip away! x

  • Felicity says:

    We took the kids for an early Chrissy present/holiday to Sydney and I’m looking forward to a low-key day at the beach & river on Christmas Day proper before meeting up with the extended family on Boxing Day.

    Your family weekend looks like lots of fun and what a treat to have the Tooth Fairy+Santa visiting in such close proximity!

    Happy days ahead Lovely,

    PS: Am loving the poodle cake silly!

  • Ness Lockyer says:

    You look awesome in yellow can I just say!
    Far out this year has flown and what a year for you!!!
    We are doing xmas eve at our place (cocktails and gingerbread men and carols), the big family lunch/dinner thing on xmas day with cricket and the slip and slide and Boxing day at the in-laws for a low key bbq….then I will sleep the food off for 3 days ;0)
    Our boys only started Holidays today.

    Have a wonderful Christmas with your Family Katrina.
    Ness xx

  • Sandy says:

    Katrina & Amy Merry Christmas to you girls and your beautiful families. Sandy x

  • Sherlyn says:

    Christmas lunch would be at my place this year just like you! I have asked Santa to get me lots and lots of happiness,pleasant surprises and good health for me and for all my family members!:D

  • Lou says:

    Katrina, enjoy all the fun and festivities this Christmas; sounds like it will be heaps of fun! Hope the boys have a few surprises lined up for you.

    Has been a great year for you…. Love your blog, your tweets and of course your blog design skills.

    Merry Christmas,


    • Katrina says:

      Thank so you much. Merry Christmas Lou.x