Work Wonders with my pool yard

This has been a lengthy project in our house! We’re still working on our pool yard and thanks to my awesome blog partner – Microsoft – I am using Office 365 to #workwonders with my latest home makeover by creating another mood board to keep all my ideas and planning on the go.


I’ve been slowly using the Surface Pro 3 more than my actual desktop computer. I have been loving this little gadget more than most of my other gadgets! It’s so light and seamless and I can store everything in the one spot. Every now and then I take it to bed with me so I can bring up photos and inspiration to show my husband. I can’t get him to look at the computer very much, so showing him while we’re in bed does the trick! We’ve been working on our pool yard for months and everything takes soooo long when you want to do most of it yourself!

I have been keeping track of all of my projects mixed in with all the sporting commitments we have! The Office 365 Calendar syncs with my phone and email too so I put everything in it…


Our priority was a small retaining wall around the pool area. I was determined we were somehow going to do it ourselves to save money. I had a formal quote and I just about choked on the price! The retaining wall didn’t need to be engineered because I knew it would be under the council required height. Therefore I knew we could create something ourselves. I racked my brain for weeks and weeks and eventually I found a way…

Thanks to Masters they helped me find an easy solution which meant we could build a wall ourselves in only a couple of hours! I whipped out my handy Surface Pro 3 and started making a mood board to show my husband how it can be done. He’s very visual and needs to ‘see’ what I am banging on about haha!!


We asked our builder friend Ben to come and start us off with the use of his level thingy as we didn’t want it to end up lop sided!

IMG_5829 IMG_5831

It was super simple. We mixed up some sand and cement for the base and just started stacking the blocks in a brick pattern. Once the bottom row was level it was easy to keep building up. Our whole yard is on a slant and so it the fence so keeping it straight was challenging because your eye naturally thinks it’s crooked because of the fence line…

IMG_5843 IMG_5989 IMG_5993

We’re getting there! I am growing some vines to cover the ugly fence and the retaining wall will eventually be covered with these little hedges. I don’t want the retaining wall to be a feature. This time next year things will be looking better.

The next job is the paving around the pool. That was supposed to be an Easter project but my husband tore his calf muscle last weekend and can’t walk! Argh. Never mind, we’ll pencil that in for Anzac weekend.

Stay tuned for more progress photos over the coming months!

♥ KC.


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