WordPress errors that can make you look silly

Copyblogger put this little checklist together last week and I thought I would share.

I love finding these tips. I know I struggle with 1 or 2 points on this list and it makes me realise I still have so much to learn.

I have been trying really hard to make this blog an easy place to visit. There are so many ‘essentials’ you want to have on your blog and sometimes it takes a while to work out what you need and what you don’t need…

I have also been concentrating on my SEO and my direct traffic. I am trying to grow those and am using social media and other sites to help me do this.

You can never know too much about blogging. It’s always changing, it’s always growing and there is always someone to learn from.

If you have a wordpress blog, take a look at this list…

15 WordPress User Errors That Make You Look Silly [Infographic]

Like this infographic? Get more WordPress publishing content from Copyblogger.

You probably wonder sometimes why I blog as much as I do? I love this place. I love learning about it and sharing what I know. I love getting an email when someone asks how to add something or change something on their blog… I love fixing it for them.

I get a lot out of blogging. I love it when I am out somewhere and a random person comments on something I’ve put on the blog.

But it’s time to expand this place and next week, I’m launching a new website (for me) I’ve been working on. I hope it meets the above criteria. I know you’re going to love it!

I am also going to keep growing this little blog. I am working with Kidspot a lot more and I am about to start doing some of their weekly social media interaction to help grow their numbers. I am also putting together a social media course which I hope to be teaching at the RCC next year (so come along Wagga and learn heaps about blogs, facebook and twitter!).

Today I am just saying thank you for reading my blog and sticking with me. I hope to give you a lot of new tutorials and tips along the way.

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Have a great Saturday! X


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