Here’s a random complaint from me today…

I know, I am whinging about the weather, but this year I am really feeling it. I am struggling with the cold and it’s taking up too much of my energy, literally. I haven’t been overly well for at least the past 18 months. See this post to know more about my current Crohn’s Disease. However I am probably better at this moment than I have been during those rough months. BUT, the one thing really bugging me is how cold I am. I’ve never experienced this before… where I spend good chunks of the day being sooooo cold! I wake up feeling warm, but by the time I shower I am freezing. It takes ages to warm up again – no matter how many layers of clothes I wear. I sometimes get the hairdryer and shove it down my top to warm me up! Washing my hair is the worst, so I can only manage that every 3rd day or so. I dread wet hair.

I actually can’t stand the Winter fashion either at the moment (usually I love it), but everything is that stupid 7/8 length. That’s no good for me! The only time I’m really warm is when I am wearing a tracksuit, thermal, polar fleece, socks and slippers and my dressing gown over the top. I have 3 thermals on rotation and I never not wear one – I even wear it to bed with a hot water bottle. Extreme!! 😉

What a tiring and boring ailment to have!! My husband hears me say “I’m freezing” hundreds of times a week. I rang him yesterday morning at work and declared “we have to move! I can’t stand it any longer….” Seriously, I am so close haha….

I can’t even watch my kids play footy with other parents. Last weekend I had to say sorry, can’t talk today, I have to sit in the car. Actually the best place to be is in the car with the heater cooking me up.

I won’t hang the washing on the line until I am warm, so if I don’t warm up some days the inside of the house looks like a Chinese laundry. However, if I feel well that day I start vacuuming like a crazy lady to get my blood pumping, or I throw the towel in and lay on the lounge with a blanket until the chills settle down.

I’ve lost a fair bit of weight over the last 12 months too. So I guess that could be a factor? I don’t have as much padding? Ha! I know I run a low grade fever often too, so panadol does seem to help with the chills.

Anyway, there’s no real point to this blog post except to document how random a chronic illness can be. It’s invisible and us Crohnies do struggle quietly with some odd complaints every single day.

This morning I feel pretty well, I’m warm for now, so I will keep my energy levels up and hopefully not end up a shivering mess. Although it’s school holidays and one of my boys is begging me to take him to a jumping place (which is in a freezing warehouse setup – not digging that idea!!). If you see me there today wearing a snow jacket you’ll know why… Ha!

Have a great day ♥ KC.