This Winter has got me (Crohn’s Disease)…

Here’s a random complaint from me today…

I know, I am whinging about the weather, but this year I am really feeling it. I am struggling with the cold and it’s taking up too much of my energy, literally. I haven’t been overly well for at least the past 18 months. See this post to know more about my current Crohn’s Disease. However I am probably better at this moment than I have been during those rough months. BUT, the one thing really bugging me is how cold I am. I’ve never experienced this before… where I spend good chunks of the day being sooooo cold! I wake up feeling warm, but by the time I shower I am freezing. It takes ages to warm up again – no matter how many layers of clothes I wear. I sometimes get the hairdryer and shove it down my top to warm me up! Washing my hair is the worst, so I can only manage that every 3rd day or so. I dread wet hair.

I actually can’t stand the Winter fashion either at the moment (usually I love it), but everything is that stupid 7/8 length. That’s no good for me! The only time I’m really warm is when I am wearing a tracksuit, thermal, polar fleece, socks and slippers and my dressing gown over the top. I have 3 thermals on rotation and I never not wear one – I even wear it to bed with a hot water bottle. Extreme!! 😉

What a tiring and boring ailment to have!! My husband hears me say “I’m freezing” hundreds of times a week. I rang him yesterday morning at work and declared “we have to move! I can’t stand it any longer….” Seriously, I am so close haha….

I can’t even watch my kids play footy with other parents. Last weekend I had to say sorry, can’t talk today, I have to sit in the car. Actually the best place to be is in the car with the heater cooking me up.

I won’t hang the washing on the line until I am warm, so if I don’t warm up some days the inside of the house looks like a Chinese laundry. However, if I feel well that day I start vacuuming like a crazy lady to get my blood pumping, or I throw the towel in and lay on the lounge with a blanket until the chills settle down.

I’ve lost a fair bit of weight over the last 12 months too. So I guess that could be a factor? I don’t have as much padding? Ha! I know I run a low grade fever often too, so panadol does seem to help with the chills.

Anyway, there’s no real point to this blog post except to document how random a chronic illness can be. It’s invisible and us Crohnies do struggle quietly with some odd complaints every single day.

This morning I feel pretty well, I’m warm for now, so I will keep my energy levels up and hopefully not end up a shivering mess. Although it’s school holidays and one of my boys is begging me to take him to a jumping place (which is in a freezing warehouse setup – not digging that idea!!). If you see me there today wearing a snow jacket you’ll know why… Ha!

Have a great day ♥ KC.


  • Deborah O'Brien

    The days are getting longer and this too shall pass….
    That’s my mantra anyway. ( not that it’s working )
    Hope you’re feeling better soon

  • Michelle Harvey

    I know how you feel and its horrible , i have hashimotos and im always cold , currently on holidays in qld , its soo much warmer . we have bought a block of land and i cant wait to move up here for that reason

    • Katrina Chambers

      I want to do that! I need warm climate. Hope you’re feeling ok. XX

    • Chantal Buttini

      Moving to warmer climate 12 months ago has been amazing for my health issues (not crohn’s), highly recommend the qld move! ps it’ll be 25 here today

  • Kayelene Fowler

    I hear you, I too have crohn’s and it takes me forever to get warm! !!

  • Chantal Buttini

    What you’ve described is my complaints for the past 15 years, each year it got worse. 12 months ago we bit the bullet and moved north to QLD….Best decision EVER! Kids survived, bit of whinging from the oldest, but all are completely settled ☀️ Just do it, life’s to short xx

    • Katrina Chambers

      I’d love it! But husband has his business here. Maybe one day though. Jealous of your warm weather!! XXX

  • Karen Weeks

    I feel your pain, I could of wrote this minus the crohns part! I feel the cold and become so antisocial and am cranky cause I never feel warm. I’ve really noticed it this winter that the kids are bored and fighting but I can’t blame them because I don’t want to leave the house to do something. I also get a sore back and neck from being hunched up trying to keep warm. Target has a merino wool thermals that are good for keeping warm if your looking for more.

  • Jennie Meiklejohn

    It is cold Katrina, you are allowed to have a little complain! I think we all are!

  • Kathy Harpley

    Anne Fellows …. sounds a bit like you some days. Xxx

    • Anne Fellows

      Everyday ! Bring on the warmer weather ☀️

  • Natasha Williamson

    You and the boys are always welcome to move north to the winter!! I have plenty of room here…..
    We live in Townsville as I sit out the back watching the kids fight in shorts and shirts I feel cool as it is 23 but it’s a lot warmer then your place.

    Hang in there sweet lady better days are ahead of you xoxo

  • Rachel Mac Donald

    I have another chronic illness & this is so me!! I spend so much time & energy every day either re heating or keeping warm & it’s exhausting!! Bring on the warmer weather ☀️

  • Meghann Koopman

    I seriously could of written this Katrina! This winter I am so cold too and I don’t know if it’s my weight loss or Crohn’s or maybe both ‘didn’t think it could be related until I see your post’ I live in my snow jacket and gloves/scarf when outside or when inside a full set of clothes with jacket dressing gown and slippers with two heaters on lol Spring can’t come quick enough!!

  • Anna Cherie

    I’m sorry to Hear it! I have cd too and find I have much less energy over winter …. this year I have noticed it! I am trying to get as much of the winter sun as I can – gosh it feels good. You need a fireplace! 🙂 here’s to warmer days! Xo

  • Linksy

    Hey Katrina, sorry to hear you havn’t been feeling well, as a fellow Crohnie I sympathise about feeling the cold but I wondered if you have your iron levels checked? When my iron was really depleted the last couple of years to the point where I needed iron infusions I was always cold, I used to say every cell in my body was freezing and I just couldn’t warm up.
    I’m feeling the best I have for many years after retiring and giving up the daily stressful commute and I’ve noticed lately I don’t feel the cold like I used to, and the crohn’s is behaving itself at the moment so I think it’s all related.
    Good luck I know what a struggle it can be, maybe a holiday in the sun is what you need 🙂

    • Katrina (author)

      You might be right! I hadn’t given my iron a thought! I had an infusion about 2 months ago but I haven’t noticed much a change so maybe I need it rechecked. Thank you. Glad you’re feeling ok. Xxx

  • Julie Doyle

    When I used to have Crohn’s, this was completely me! I live in New York, and we get feet of snow and sometimes it never gets above 0 degrees F for an entire week! I would bundle up in in something I called “The Bear Suit” which was a thick fleece one piece, hide under a down comforter and hibernate. My hands and feet never got warm though! Now that I’m better though, this problem has completely gone away! If anything, I’m almost hot now, even in the winter. I hear this complaint from so many Crohn’s patients, and I never knew that it was a symptom of the disease. You have an amazing GI in your country – probably the best in the world (Prof. Thomas Borody at the CDD). If I was there, I’d definitely go see him! He uses methods similar to the one that healed me after 25 years of being cold. Warm toasty vibes your way this winter! ❤️☀️☕️

  • Kl

    Your words absolutely resonated with me. I’m on warfarin to thin my blood due to heart problems. I feel the cold even in Summer! Not sure why Chronin’s would make you cold but I’d be investigating circulation, blood pressure, thyroid (weight loss) and iron levels etc… There is nothing more debilitating than being so cold you can’t function and engage in life. Hugs. I hope you find an answer and some relief. X kl

  • Pennie

    So sorry to hear that, I have been a little cold this year but definitely not due to weight loss hehe!! I do have another immune disorder though… my biggest issue is that I hate the heat and want to move back to where it is colder so I guess I will just have to struggle through. In saying that although we have had some cold days in the Hunter I don’t really think we have had a true winter yet!

  • Debbie

    Hi Katrina
    I’m so sorry you are feeling this way. I too have this dreaded invisible disease and feel the cold year round. Don’t feel bad about not standing out in the cold watching your boys play football, I too sit in the car or on really bad days just stay home. My little man is amazing and understands it’s not because I don’t want to watch it’s just that I’m not well. Your boys understand too I’m sure. The iron fusion worked well for me and Vitamin D tablets. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

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