Why I love Copaiba and Balance (essential oils)

You’ve all heard of Cannabis Oil and its ability to have a profound positive impact on those with various health challenges.

COPAIBA is not cannabis, but it does have similar therapeutic properties to a CBD oil. I don’t know the science off by heart, but I have read a lot about Copaiba and I’ve been using it pretty much daily.

Copaiba essential oil comes from the resin of a copaiba tree. This oil has been used for centuries for all kinds of common as well as more serious medical concerns.

What are the benefits of copaiba oil? Possible copaiba oil benefits include its ability to act as a natural anti-inflammatory, neuroprotecter, possible liver damage preventer, dental/oral health booster, pain helper, skin improver and calming agent.

I’ve been using in a night serum for about a year now.

Copaiba essential oil uses can be incorporated into everyday life by using it topically or diffusing it in your living space. When mixed with BALANCE you’ve got a powerhouse combo. My fave way is to just drop a bit of both in to the palm of my hands and sniff! Go and have a read yourself. Google copaiba & its contents. You’ll be adding this oil to your list I’m sure!

You can start your essential oil journey here.

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