Which white paint and where?

Did I tell you that we (and when I say “we” I mean I only participated for 25% of it ?) repainted a chunk of our house last week?

I just can’t believe what a difference fresh paint is. We’ve been in this house almost 7 years and it was time for an update. I’ve bashed 50 holes in the walls over the years and our gloss was yellowing.

We patched up every single hole and sanded them back. I cleaned the walls and skirting boards so everything was ready to go.

Our walls were already white, so I wasn’t directly changing the colour from one tone to another. They were just tired looking.

We painted the walls first in Dulux Vivid White using the Wash&Wear low sheen. We did 2 coats.

We didn’t repaint the ceiling as it was still ok. I would have repainted it if I thought once we started painting it looked terrible but it was actually fine.

Our skirting board, architraves and doors were so yellow.

Yellowing happens when your painter uses oil based gloss (apparently it’s easier for them to work with and they can water it down) and neglect to tell you that over time it yellows if the area doesn’t permanently get UV sunlight. Hello cavity sliders and darker areas! I wish I’d know about this years go…

The fix?

Paint over it all with a water-based gloss.

There’s no need to sand back old gloss if you use a good preparation product.

We used Dulux 1Step Prep Water Based Primer, Sealer & Undercoat. We only needed one coat of this all over any previous gloss work.

We then finished it all off with Dulux Aquanamel Gloss also in Vivid White. It says “Non Yellowing” on the tin too.

It was an easy project really.

Vivid White is a very good white – no blue, no grey, no brown.

We still have all bedrooms and a hallway to do. We won’t do that for a while yet, because in the meantime I do want to revamp all my boys’ bedrooms with new linen and take down their current wallpaper.

Always got a project on the go!

♥ KC.

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