Where I live

I was thinking the other day, seeing as though lots of readers come from overseas, I would show you the map of where I live!

This is it above. I live in a town called Wagga Wagga (pronounced “wogga wogga“, informally called Wagga) is a city in New South Wales, Australia. It has an urban population of around 47,000 people. Wagga is the state’s largest inland city and the country’s fifth largest inland city, as well as an important agricultural, military, and transport hub of Australia. The city is located midway between the two largest cities in Australia, Sydney and Melbourne.

I have lived here about 11 years. I came here for a job I landed straight out of University. I met my husband and the rest is history. We will probably live here for the rest of our lives (unless we win Lotto!!!!!). Well my husband was born and bred here, and we have a family business.

That’s where I live!


  • Natasha Burns

    Don't forget Wagga's claim to fame is being where Wayne Carey is from… or maybe you don't want to mention that, hehehe! lots of sporting identities from there. isn't Ricky Ponting from there too?

  • Sarah

    Hi Katrina,
    Well have to say if my dad had his way he would be living in Wagga….why? Because if you ask him it is one of the only places that you can get just about everything you need with out traveling too far.
    We should make the effort to get down there soon, sounds like there is plenty to do.

  • Alison

    Hi Katrina great post showing everyone where you live. maybe you should have marked where some of us live too!! LOL

  • Debbie in Nashville

    I love this post. It is great to see where Wagga Wagga is.

    I haven't been there before but have been SW of there to Mt. Gambier. It is probably much smaller. I stayed outside the city and worked on a sheep farm for a few days and loved it, also saw the main cities in Australia. What a beautiful place to be!

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