What’s been happening on the home front? We’re making a garden.

Hi there! Sorry I’ve been a little sporadic lately. I didn’t feel like blogging last week, and then my blog had a bug (which is still being fixed!), so I have lots to share with you this week!

A couple of weeks ago Ford sent me this Wildtrak Ranger and I have put it to good use. They gave it to me to help with any tasks I had around the home ie. you know, building a new house and stuff. So at the moment we’re trying to build a garden! I’m am not good at gardening, so I left the hard work to my hubby when I was away the other weekend. We bought a pile of escallonia’s to border our driveway and some pines for down the side of the house near the neighbour’s boundary…

wildtrak gardening

wildtrak gardening

wildtrak gardening

I was happy to pick up the plants! I always have that 11 year old kid as my side-kick. I can’t do much without him! We filled the back of the Wildtrak with the plants. Very handy indeed.


The escallonia’s make a great hedge. We’ve had them in previous houses. They get a lovely white flower too. The lawn is all down and is knitting well. It’s a buffalo turf, so it gets a little yellow in the beginning, but you just wait until spring time! It will be the greenest lawn in the street 🙂

weatherboard house and garden

I have also ordered standard white iceberg roses for across the front of the verandah. But I have to wait until bare-rooted season, so they won’t be ready for another month or so. I am dying to get those in! Then I will also put a little hedge across the front of the roses too.

weatherboard house and garden

Like my sheets as curtains?? Good hey?! I am still waiting on the plantation shutters to arrive. They shouldn’t be far away. I am sure the neighbours think I am just leaving those sheets up permanently 🙂

weatherboard house and garden

I am still getting questions about the exterior of my home, so I thought I would put some answers here in this post…

Weatherboard product is this.

The colour is Taubman’s Endure Shale Grey.

White Trims.

Gutters, fascia and roof colour is Colorbond Surfmist.

Email me for my BUILDER’S details. I’m happy to recommend him!

home front door mat

Here is my new front door mat! I love it. It’s from Adoremat. You can design your own – such a great idea!

I’ve always wanted an amazing garden, but I am very basic when it comes to the yard.

Do you garden? What’s your favourite hedge as I need something around the back.

This is not a sponsored post, but I have been given the Ford Ranger to try out and Adoremat made the front door mat for me.

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  • Skye says:

    Small world! I did a pick up in your street and loved one of the houses there so I took craig back to show him and it was your house!

  • Ashlea says:

    I have just planted murraya as a hedge for around my pool – very hardy, quite fast growing and apparently the more you cut them the bigger and quicker they grow! They do have a lovely orange blossom smell to. Good luck!

  • Amy says:

    Katrina can I please ask… are these two colours you mentioned the only colours you used?? Or is there a third color? Thankyou so much 🙂

  • Amy says:

    Katrina… huge fan of your colour scheme. Could
    You please specify exactly what is what colour? Its hard
    To tell because it all looks so in sync!!
    Correct me if im wrong… roof, gutters and down pipes
    (Surfmist), weatherboards (shale grey) and dverything else
    White?? Including your garage doors. Posts out the front
    Are white and also all of your gable details?
    Thanks heaps!!

  • Wilsons says:

    What a beautiful house ! Hope you don’t mind me asking but where did you get your lights from on the verandah – they are exactly what I am looking for.

  • Renata says:

    Love this colour scheme. I’m going for a similar look but having trouble getting a garage door at an economical price in white. They only seem to do it in surfmist. Are your garage doors White or Surfmist?

  • Penelope says:

    Hi Katrina,
    What dimensions are the front door, including the highlights?

  • Jess says:

    Hi, your home is stunning. Could you tell me what colour your garage door is? We have just done our colour selection and using shale grey on cladding and render, white aluminium and surmist roof, gutter and garage

    • Katrina says:

      It’s just white I think 🙂