What keeps you inspired or motivated?

I did a twitter chat last night for the webinar I was part of. I wrote about it here. But here is where you can actually view the entire webinar. In the chat last night I was asked how have I kept motivated and inspired over the last 7 years? Good question!

Here’s a few ways I keep being inspired:

  • Tahnee blew my socks off with her contribution to the webinar. I was so freaking inspired. Out came my camera and I’m going to make a little video. Other bloggers inspire me all the time. Tahnee showed me that even the mundane daily chores can be blogged about when it’s in a video. So much swirling around in my head now!
  • A quick trip away always inspires me. A change of scenery makes me think clearer. If I am traveling alone I write notes in my phone as things pop in to my head.
  • Having things to do daily keeps me motivated. If the days are always the same it gets monotonous and very boring.
  • I don’t make blogging a chore. I have a couple of weekly series (like Stunning Sunday and Floor Plan Friday), and these have varied over the years. This gives me blog content to fall back on if I have a rough week.
  • I write my blog post for the day as soon as I wake up. I grab a coffee and head to the computer before everyone wakes. Sometimes I don’t get to press publish until the kids are at school, but the bulk of it has been written before the day gets away on me. This means that no matter what comes up in my day, I’ve already blogged.
  • I freshen up my blog space often. Really, you ask? Haha. Yes, I am always tweaking my blog. You have to! It keeps things fresh and new.

What inspires you to blog? What keeps you motivated? Do you plan out your blog posts? Or maybe you like to blog from different places (like outside or at a coffee shop)?

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  • somethinggorgeous says:

    Last night was great. Thank you for being so generous with your blogging knowledge, you are an inspiration. xT

  • A FIFO wife says:

    my husband my kids and myself