What can I say? The Block.

Well you all got to see the ‘explosive’ episode last night. I didn’t watch it. Why would I?
I knew the whole thing would be hyped up, heavily edited (probably by a man no doubt) and I really didn’t want see any of it again.
That builder (who even wants to say his name!) grabbed the cameras whilst we were out on a challenge and really let it rip, so I hear. How stupid of him. What can I say about $7,000 for 3 and a half days work?? “Tell him he’s dreamin’.” So NO, we did not pay him that amount of money.
I was asked by the media yesterday…. Do you think he took advantage of you? No, ‘advantage’ isn’t the right word because we had nothing to offer him. We had no tradeskills and he did, so his knowledge was greater than ours. What we were made to feel was ‘silly’. Just downright silly. He wanted to rub it in that he knew more than us and we knew nothing. How childish…

Everything always works out in the end and I still loved my experience on The Block. I’ve said it before – we did not sail through this. There are still rocky times to come. My husband was furious last night. His phone was ringing all night. Relatives and friends were so angry at how Amie and I were made to feel. My Mum was crying. It’s all ok! We got through it and more power to us.

People are asking me why I don’t respond to the negative comments over on Facebook? Are you serious? What the heck for? Why would I bother with that vile place? It’s a hate page for the all of the contestants not a fan page. I am so surprised they are allowed to get away with it. No one is happy to let you be warm and fuzzy. I have learnt so much about people in general… this could be a whole blog post I think! Or I should write a book about “treating people how you’d like to be treated”. I truly feel Australia has lost it’s way and only knows how to be rude. Actually, I think Australia is breeding a huge generation of know-alls. I’m surprised we haven’t taken over the world with so many geniuses on hand!
Anyone, feel free to give us some love over there on my behalf…
Remember people, this is JUST a tv show and we are NORMAL people!
Read my earlier post about Amie and I just being normal people.


  • Erin Michael

    Hi Katrina,

    Its Erin here from the block 2010 . Just wanted to say keep your head up hun!… I know exactly how you are feeling right now! The full story is never shown. Things are totally sensationalised and there is nothing you can do about it but wait for it to go away. We felt totally victimised on the block – well watching it back on TV anyway. Our whole experience actually on the block was very different to how it came across on TV. The way they edited the series and some of the comments we read about ourselves from random people behind silly names were some of lowest points in my life.

    But once it all passed it has only made me a much stronger person. I actually had drafted a little (ok, long email to all of you guys a couple of weeks ago, just to warn you about some of the negatives of social media, but it sounded so negative and I didn't want to 'scare' you guys too much, and I also didn't have your emails… )

    I know you always think it wont happen to you – well we did, we thought how can they make us look bad on TV, when we are not – but they do, especially when you are sleep deprived – they ask the right questions to get you to say what they want… when they want!. I can't begin to tell you some of the things that went on behind the scenes that we can't talk about (well for another year anyway according to our contract)!

    Anyway, there are going to be some tough times ahead and some fantastic ones too! I am now styling freelance -but atm for Real Living Magazine – and absolutely loving it. Work out what you want to do after the block and go knocking on doors – don't wait for people to offer you amazing opportunities on a plate – you might have to make a bit of effort to get something out of it. But i guess it depends what you and Amie want out of the show besides some $$ 🙂

    Please keep your head held high. Remember who is important in your life – your family and friends.. and your fans who love you -ignore those who don't and don't read fb if it starts getting nasty – as hard as it id, just don't look and you will feel so much better!!

    Erin xo

  • Jess Bandiera

    You go girls!! I've been watching you both every step of the way and I think you did an absolutely brilliant job, I could not imagine how stressful it would have been and you girls always nailed it. Loved the flowers I thought they were beautiful. Good luck for the auction I will be cheering you on!! XXX

  • Vicki

    Hi Katrina, newfound follower here. I'm loving this series of The Block, the episode with your 'builder', and I use that term loosely, made me soooo angry. I wanted to smash his face in, he was arrogant and condescending. My hubby is a builder and if he EVER spoke or acted like that to anyone, let alone a woman, I'd let rip with him.
    As for Facebook, I haven't even bothered looking at the page on there. I think you're right, there's too many know-alls everywhere nowadays.
    Vicki 🙂

  • Jonathan and Gloria

    Hi Katrina,

    I've just started reading your blog and wanted you to know that I am a huge fan of everyone on this series of The Block. You and Amie have done so many great things, and even as stretched as you guys have been, your sense of humour is still so apparent and keeps me and my husband laughing. Husband would never admit it, but he's a fan too!

    The way that "builder" treated you and Amie was absolutely disgusting. Karma will get him – I bet he's losing jobs left right and centre after the way he behaved towards you. What a pork chop!

    We can't wait to see what else you and Amie have in store for the rest of the series. Keep smiling, because you have one heck of a gorgeous smile!

    All the best,

  • Elimy

    Your positivity and strength are uplifting and inspiring.

    You've won me over!

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