What a week!

What a week guys! Where do I even start??

Ok, I’ll start with my sister going in to labour (I’ll put you out of your misery now and tell you it didn’t end up happening!) and me driving there as fast as I could to be with her. The poor thing has been having contractions and false starts since 33 weeks! She’s now technically 38.5 weeks and on Thursday morning she rang me at 5am and asked if I was ready to come (I live about 1.5 hrs away)? We decided to both get our kids off to school and then she’d call to let me know if it was another false start or the real deal. At 8.45am she rang and said HURRY! I was ready to go. How exciting!

While I was driving there she decided to lay down for a bit and by the time I got there everything had slowed down. Bummer! Her husband was home from work and we all sat and gawked at her for the next hour haha. I downloaded the Contractions App too! My Mum cancelled her work day and decided to join us. After a couple of hours her husband went back to work and I took Amie to the supermarket. May as well do the groceries! I did the speed bumps in the car park pretty heavily too 😉 Still nothing too exciting… a few contractions but she was ok.

Amie decided to have a sleep and Mum and I went out for lunch and had a look at the shops. Well I may as well make the most of it! I decided to sleep the night in Albury just incase, but still nothing. On Friday Amie and I decided to walk around the shops for about 2 hours to see if there was going to be more action. Still no! She’s so tired though.

All was not lost for me though. I got to sleep at my Mum’s house, see my brother, my Nan and use all of Mum’s creams and lotions. Haha! She also has the best icecream, so it was a mini holiday really.. sssshhhh don’t tell my husband! 😉

Yesterday afternoon I decided to come on home to Wagga…. and this morning there’s still no news.

My big boy also started a new school this week and I joined The Remarables Group. It’s been a bit full on around here. Today my boys are playing football in Gundagai and usually I spend the day doing that, but I’ve decided to stay home, catch up on my blog work, do the house work and sit tight waiting for another phone call from Amie. But technically she could still be here in two weeks especially if she goes over.

The anticipation of a baby is so much fun though (for me, not her because she’s over it haha!). Can’t wait to bring you the news.

♥ KC.



  • Kelly Taylor

    I love staying at others and “sampling” what’s in their bathroom draws;) as my ( primary school principal ) father in law says about my 5 year old son ” it’s all about readiness ” bubs is just not ready

  • Shauna Hollier

    I totally understand your impatience lol. I was the same with my SIL. And of course babies come at the most inappropriate times lol. Good luck to Amie hope to hear news really soon xxx

  • Jo Reid

    Poor Amie. Hope things go well this week x

  • Megan Key

    Haha – Jack came home and told me there would be a baby by now – cause Chevy prayed for Aimee today Mum!

  • Tessa White

    Poor Aimee.. false starts suck!! Congrats on the Remarks lots of my favourite people are with them, or were at some stage x

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