We’re having a bit of a clean up here today



It’s the long weekend so do you have anything exciting planned? We decided not to go away this weekend, but rather stay here and potter around the house. It’s been just over 2 months since we moved in and I still have tonnes of half unpacked boxes in the garage. It’s time to sort through them. Some are going in to storage (in our roof or down to my husband’s factory) and others will be donated or thrown in the back of the ute to make their way to the tip.

I am actually really excited. Lame I know. I love culling things! I’ve been feeling a little flat this week, so a good clean up will get my frame of mind back in order. Time to sort out the junk in my life.

My kids have all got friends coming and going this weekend, so it will be a busy (but fun) weekend. I hope to get lots done!

What are you up to?


  • Jayde Cameron

    Send me pics of your donations and throws!!

  • Lucy

    Ditto! Although it’s closer to 6 months since we moved in. We hope to put up more curtains and get back some of our precious woollen blankets (!) and also get in to our garage. It is ripe for one of those decluttering experts already!

  • A-M

    Uncluttered house = uncluttered mind I say!

    I am always ‘editing’. I refer to it as ‘editing’ now as I often think the word ‘clutter’ offends some, especially when the clutter has sentimental value. Developing more tact now that I am in Real Estate! I am off to do some Open Houses! My new Saturday norm! Leaving my children to fend for themselves. They’re loving it! Hope you get lots done today. A-M xx

    • Katrina (author)

      I need to ring you to catch up on your week. You’ve had a massive one! Enjoy every second of it today. XX

  • Alison @Rubylicious Bespoke

    I’m embarrassed to say I still have a few boxes from when we moved in 5 years ago and others from when we renovated and extended 2 years ago! So need to find the time and space. Or move to a bigger house!

  • Amanda

    Your weekend of pottering around the house sounds like bliss to me 🙂 Sorting, culling, tidying and organising… with a few cuppas thrown in and some time spent with the kids is a great mix. We had our long weekend here last weekend and this weekend is a bit of a write-off for us after Grace and I got sick during the week and have been left lacking energy (a day of rest on the couch for us I think). However, I’m itching to continue on my sorting and culling crusade here too, mainly in our home office/guest bedroom which now has new furniture and needs lots of sorting and decorating done in there. Good luck with all your jobs today xx

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