We talk about data and internet so often [and never have enough!]

Brought to you today by Optus Family Sharing [part 1].


What’s wrong with your phone?

Where’s all the data gone?

MUM! Can I use your phone?!

Use Dad’s phone, he has data!”

These conversations are so frequent in our house! Seriously, we talk about data and internet too often. We love our internet and we don’t just confine its use to inside the home, we use it out and about too.

How many mobile phones does your family have? What about an iPad which also uses data? Do you chew through it?

Yes, we do too! It’s a never ending battle. I always get to 4 days out of receiving a data reboot and I can’t use it without paying more money each month.

My kids and I love Instagram. They also love YouTube and the music apps. But we do need proper phone data. We can be on a trip somewhere or at the footy and someone wants to quickly look something up, or add a photo to Instagram, but I HATE that feeling of not being able to because there’s no data left on the phone!

We have 3 mobile devices, 1 iPad and 2 iPad minis. Whilst the minis are on WiFi only, we occasionally use the personal hotspot feature. I also use it for my laptop too. I often take the laptop to footy training so I can be working away in the car and I might need a quick use of the internet, but of course the personal hotspot takes up lots of my mobile data. The freedom to never run out of data across all of our devices would be awesome for us as a family!

I am not alone in thinking this is all too hard each month. Recently Optus conducted a survey and this is what they found…

  • 52% of households in Australia have three or more mobile plans
  • Most Australian family households (72%) have concerns about their current mobile phone plans
  • Over one fifth (22%) complain that data use is a problem with some household members going over their data limit while others use very little
  • More than a quarter (27%) of parents regularly argue with their children about how much time they spend on their mobile devices
  • Young families (80%) are the most likely to see the merit in combining all of their household mobile plans together.

I can see that from these simple stats that new options need to be available to families. I certainly want to know how to improve the data use, save money and have more control over who is using what.

This is when I recently discovered a new plan being offered by Optus called Family Sharing.

Every family is different in what they want from their mobile plan and how they use it. However, they do all have some things in common. They want more value out of what they are paying for. They want to maximise use and limit wastage by having increased visibility of usage and to maintain control of their budgets. But most of all, they want to keep connected both digitally and emotionally with family and friends.

Optus has launched Family Sharing, a mobile plan built for households so that everyone in the family can share and maximise their data.

So, this means you can share ALL of your mobile plans within the house and let NOTHING go to waste! For us, it’s always the data on my husband’s phone which goes to waste every month. He never uses it! But with Family Sharing I can see that we’ll all get to tap in to it and won’t have to manage several plans within our house.

I am going to come back next week and discuss with you what Family Sharing really means and why it will benefit so many families. In the meantime, check it out here. This is something you can implement in your home instantly and start saving money and getting your data usage back on track!

♥ KC.


  • Fleur Horsley

    I always chew through my phone data. I cringe when the bill arrives because I know Adam will get the shits with me. He doesn’t understand how I can’t just stop using it when it runs out! Like Me chambers he never uses all of his data.

  • Yvette wilson

    We’ve had many a fight over data usage at our house. Kids chew through data on their phones like there’s no tomorrow. Thanks for sharing this Katrina, I am sure it will help lots of families xo

    • Katrina (author)

      We do too! I hate it! 🙂

  • Julie Gibbons

    Yep yep yep. Just at the end of our contract and cannot WAIT to move to Southern Phone at around half the price for three times as much data as Telstra (Optus is not an option for us rural-dwellers)

  • Kylie Wheatley

    We have 2 mobile phones. 2 ipad mini’s one with a sim(husbands work) & iPad we have a 200GB allowance @ home & 6GB on each phone. We recently stayed at a friends farm on the weekend & managed to use half of my phone data with 17 days to go. Telstra have a similar sharing data thing it’s only new but what i would love it to tap into home data(we never use 100GB let alone 200GB) & it was mobile take it with you wherever you go. The telco’s are more about making money lol! We recently upgraded our phones & surprisingly Telstra saved him $20 a month & gave him 4 more GB each month & an then offered him an iPad mini with a sim for $15 a month he still saving $5 from what he was paying(& has more data &. Newer phone) & can share the data between his iPad & phone. He is stoked but again if I didn’t spend almost 2 hours in the Telstra shop I may not have gotten this kind of deal. But If you don’t know about things you sadly miss the boat!
    Things are getting better but it’s taking sweet time.

  • Jenny Quld

    I heard about Optus family sharing last week and signed up straight away. We now have 15GB to share across our mobile devices and everybody is happy 🙂 It is a great idea!
    If only Optus was able to connect to our home…… We are stuck with Telstra due to old copper lines on acreage (however, I can’t complain too much as they just doubled our internet to 1000GB for no extra charge!)
    I think I can say I have enough data for 2 teens and a pre teen at the moment 🙂

  • Graham Thomson

    Certainly sounds good as there is a lot of waste in data suppose that why phone companies get you to buy certain phones with plans!

  • Roger Bettoni

    All good and well promoting Optus, if you reside in an area they service… But for most people in rural and regional Australia, we have only one option – Telstra! Since they have a monopoly, they’re free to charge what they like.

  • Ashleigh Jade

    I used 5% of my data last month. How can people be using so much?

  • Roxanne Catch

    How many gigs do you get on your home plan? It must not be much, we get 500gb per month…

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