life is designed to kick your ass

I would love things to be perfect all of the time. I’d love a neat house, happy kids and a steady stream of money. But just as you get some of these things right, there is always something that upsets the apple cart. It’s just life, I know. If it was meant to be easy, everyone would be doing it…

Yesterday I had that colonoscopy. Geez, they aren’t fun. Anyway, I got through it. I wasn’t expecting the Dr to say much, but indeed he did. I have quite active crohn’s in a couple of spots, with obvious “toxic” ulcers. Without going in to the gory details and telling you all about my insides (while you’re eating breakfast!), I’ll skip past that bit and tell you that I need a little bit of draining and a little nip and tuck on the insides. He said it’s high priority and arrangements will be made today for next week. I’m ok with it. The surgical Dr I need to see is one I have a long history with when I was sick after my first child was born, so I like him lots and he knows what he is doing.

So I am not going to whinge. Because it totally could be so much worse. And so many of you reading this have your own shit going on. I don’t have time to whinge, and I hate whingers myself.

I’ll keep riding this wave… I am happy and I have too many other awesome things going on…

Oh, if you were reading my tweets last night, you’ll know Amie is here and I am not letting her go home. She’s like a breath of fresh air here. She has me laughing like a school kid! She’s cooked and cleaned. She’s had my husband laughing so hard too (she has even made him little salad wraps for work today!). No one wants her to go home haha… What more could you want hey? That’s how you get over the other crap going on in your life – focus on the good.

Anyway, I’m rambling. It’s early and I couldn’t sleep. Have a great day! I’m going to go and inhale some of my sleeping children ๐Ÿ˜‰