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Ways to hide your tv cords

  • Oct 16, 2018

Hiding tv cords can be a real pain in the backside. It’s not easy to do if you have brick walls, or are renting. But if you use your imagination you can successfully hide those unsightly tv cords.

My preference would always be to access the wall cavity. Thread the cords through the wall. It’s not that hard I promise. I have done it with my tv areas at home. This is a really easy tutorial to follow (there are lots on Pinterest too). We did the same thing at my house. You tie the cords to rope, attached to some flexi cable and thread it through. You can do this easily even if you have a bend to get around. It’s fiddly, but possible. The only drama is if you add a new device at some point – like we did at Christmas with a PlayStation, so we had a bit of mucking around to do!

Here’s how my lounge room looks – see no cords in sight. The power point is behind the magazines. It was on the floor, but my husband did move it up. If you’re not electrical savvy, then don’t do this part yourself! However, I did want a powerpoint moved in my office and I got a proper electrician to do this for me and it was not expensive at all. It was such a quick job for him (you’ll just need to patch up the leftover hole and Pinterest have heaps of DIY tutorials on those!).

Now what happens if you just can’t get a cord through the wall space? What if it’s a bit tricky?? Well I went searching on Pinterest and I must say people haven’t done a lot of it. There just wasn’t a great deal of images. SOOOOO, use your imagination here guys with this…. I have added some photos below and hopefully you’ll create something even better!



The two photos above seem to feature a lot. It’s probably the best idea going around. Use a piece of plastic pipe to thread the cords through, attach to the wall and then paint it the same colour as your wall. Then put some books or plants in front of it. I would recommend this project if you’re a renter or have brick walls.

The key though is to NOT have your tv too high and not too much of that pipe. Instead of having a low tv unit and a high wall mounted tv bring them both closer together (get a higher tv unit) and don’t hang your tv too high. Does that make sense?


This one above is cool. I like this idea. Building a fake wall with timber over the front so the cords are all in the back. I did see someone make a frame and cover in fabric too. That tutorial is here (but I am sure you could make it look nicer!).


I think the one above could be easy to do. A board, with some cool wallpaper maybe?


Can you spot the cord here in the photo above? This lady covered it in fabric (because it was a black cord) and tucked it along the shelf.


I liked this idea above too. The cords are still here behind the orchid, but if you saw her before photo you couldn’t miss them. She’s taken the focus off the cords and painted a very cool feature wall. I’m too busy looking at that to notice a few cords dropping down.


There’s the fake wall again. Not a bad idea.


The cords above are hidden in that mount/shelving and fed along the back of the wall. The powerpoint must be off to the right hand side.


Now what happens if you love your speakers and stuff? Shudder, jokes, maybe ;)!! Here’s an idea on hiding those big suckers.


Here is a cord cover (I think you can get these at Bunnings). It’s much neater. I’d have to put a plant in the front.


This photo above doesn’t show you specifically how to hide those cords, but it’s the coolest project on how to hide those ugly back Foxtel or Gaming boxes! Can you see? The little fancy wire piece hiding the black box? Click on the link above to see how it’s done. Super easy! You could do this with your computer modem too.

Have you got any great ideas of your own? I’d love to add to this post.

♥ KC.


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    Nicole @ The Builder's Wife

    April 27, 2017

    Brilliant ideas!

  2. Reply

    Steve from Simpo

    April 28, 2017

    Like how the cord cover is painted the same colour as the wall. Also doesn’t seem to be too difficult to do. I love the fake wall as it looks modern and clean but I imagine that might take a bit of time to make……

  3. Reply


    June 28, 2017

    Thank you so much. Those cords are my horror story…….showed my husband, lol he actually thought they were great too!