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Ways to create joyful moments

If you’ve followed my Blog/Instagram for a while, you’ll know I do love to change and rearrange my house often. And lately I’ve added a few new furniture pieces to my home. And this brings me so much JOY. Some people like holidays, nice cars, nice clothes… me… I just like my home to feel nice. That’s what brings me the most joy – working hard to reward myself with a new chair or a new print.

So of course joy comes in many different forms. But we all should have luxury of feeling joy. Don’t you agree?

Today I have a few ways we can incorporate joy in to our lives…

#1. Make your world pretty

This is my biggie. I like to live in a space which brings me joy visually. I like my eyes to be pleased by what I see every day. I like neat spaces, clean surfaces. I like things to match and have order. You may like your garden to look good, or your clothes to be fabulous, or even your workplace? Making our environment pretty isn’t going to cost you an arm and a leg either. It might be a simple bunch of flowers, or a fresh coat of paint. Work with what you have and make it the best it can be!

#2. Change your beliefs

Instead of thinking negatively about something, try and flick the switch in the opposite direction. Stop believing something is bad. Stop stewing over comments, stop worrying about what would happen if… As soon as the negativity comes try and pick something else to think about – something which makes you smile, something that you know is good for you. Changing your beliefs is a huge step towards living a more joyful life.

#3. Happiness is now

Do you say things like I’ll be happier when I have more money, or I’ll be happier when I lose weight, or I’ll be happier when my kids grow up? It’s no good doing this. Because that’s in the future and we don’t know what’s around the corner. Don’t give the Universe these thoughts! It won’t respond. Happiness can achieved right now. The more you love the Universe, the more it will love you. You just have to look around you, take a deep breath, appreciate the good things. We can’t grow if we’re always wishing the time away.

#4. Jump in

Are you nervous about everything? Do you think you have to wait for the perfect time to do something? Maybe you want to turn your hobby in to a real life job? Is there ever a good time? I say no! You’ll always self-sabotage and what good does that do? Don’t put off things you really want to do. Jump in.

#5. Tell a different story

Have you always been telling the same story? Does someone ask you what do you do and you respond with “I work in HR.” Changing your attitude changes everything. What if you answered with “I do a day job in HR but I love interior design so I’m studying that at the moment!” How much better does that sound? And I bet you’d have such an elevation in your voice when answering. Tell a different story I say! Add to it, change the way you speak and the Universe will respond.

#6. Have something to look forward to

I had been looking forward to going away last weekend with my friends for my 40th birthday for months. It really kept me going. I was counting down. And now that I am home I feel pretty good and refreshed with funny moments of the weekend still popping up in my head. Having something to look forward to allows us to shift our thoughts from bad to good. Maybe it’s just that you’re having a crap day but will be heading to the movies on the weekend with your partner? Sometimes for me it can just be that my online shopping will arrive today! Ha…

#7. Be silly

Why so serious? C’mon, we all need to be a bit loose and silly now and then. Let your hair down, have some fun and a good belly laugh. I bet you have that one person who can help lift your spirits as soon as you see them!

How do you create joyful moments in your life??

♥ KC.


  1. Renee Poynton

    3 August

    Great read as always Katrina Chambers. Random question….Where did you get your couch from? We have found a VERY SIMILAR one from Focus on Furniture and are waiting until we move into our house before we buy it.

    • That’s where it’s from

    • Renee Poynton

      3 August

      Katrina Chambers GET OUT !!!! Hahahaha gosh I’m good at spotting it then. Do you love it ?

    • Renee Poynton absolutely LOVE it!!!

    • Renee Poynton

      3 August

      Katrina Chambers sweet !!!!! Let’s hope they don’t get rid of it because we’re gonna wait till January . Fingers crossed . I trust your style so thank you x

  2. I love the tiny things in life. Going for a run, spending time with my adult kids, organising and decluttering. Being able to sit in the sunshine with my puppies or coffee with a friend

  3. Sarah Tovey

    3 August

    I love all your ways to create Joyful Moments and totally agree!
    Thank you for my morning inspiration ❤️❤️❤️

  4. i love this creative art work and all the new things in that.

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