Wallpaper – still continuing

So I took all of your advice on board (and laughed myself silly at Emma). I put it to my husband that he please not attempt to do it because I could just see the drama. I know he is very handy and I have no doubt he is a perfectionist, but I was worried about the whole thing. I could just see it turning into a disaster. I mean, it would be his first attempt and it’s a huge wall right in the centre of our house.

SO…..I asked a lovely friend of mine would she know of someone that could do it (her husband is a painter) and she has given me a name of an older man that can do it. That’s as far as I have got. I will try to contact him next week, but I am sceptical as I doubt he will be in a rush to do my single little job. We live in a town with only 50,000 people, so finding a specialist in this area is not easy!

The office furniture won’t arrive until January, so I might just hang tight. In the meantime I am thinking of a back-up plan just in case – huge artwork?

And on another note – remember when I posted about the gates I thought I was getting months ago??? Well I am venting my frustrations…still nothing. If I showed you my temporary fencing on the sides of our house you would probably wet yourself laughing. With a few weeks until Christmas and a promise that they will be on, I have this sick feeling I will be entertaining my husband’s family while we look at chicken wire/boards/school fencing on the sides of my house 🙁

I am putting this wish out to the universe and hopefully they magically appear. Please someone grant me some gates!


  • A Bite of Country Cupcakes

    Try living in a twon of 400 and needing a whole extension!
    I feel ya!
    Hope Santa brings your gates for you

  • The Rose Room

    such a simple little wish – lol – Rachaelxo

  • Brabourne Farm

    It seems that everyone needs to be patient – nothing is every delivered in a hurry or on-time! Hope you're having a lovely weekend. Leigh

  • brismod

    I hope your wish comes true because waiting for months sucks!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vicki Archer

    Santa is coming Katrina….xv

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