Vintage finds + neutral colours in this home

Last week I came across this lovely attic apartment in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. It’s very calming and neutral. I normally like a bit of colour, but when I see this, I fall in love! The serenity is what gets me…










I could never have the white floors in my home – I’m flat out keeping up with timber floors! However, I like to dream about them!

What do you think? Calming? Serene? Or too sterile for you?

PS. Excuse my commenting system below – I am trying to make some adjustments and transferring 14,000 comments is proving to be difficult! Sorry for the confusion… hopefully it’s worked out today.

PPS. I’m putting together some Christmas Top Picks – email me if you have something you’d like included.

PPPS. Speaking of Christmas – have you done any shopping? I did a bit yesterday but it was like pulling teeth. I’ll probably do the rest the week before! Oh, and my almost-12-year-old and I had the Santa talk. 🙁

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