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Using dark grout

I was watching one of those American reno shows last night and the girl was using dark grout with her white honeycomb shaped tiles and they came up amazing. I tossed up about the dark grout in my own kitchen when I was building but never went through with it. I should have because it really makes a statement.

Today I grabbed a few photos from around the web to inspire you…








If you’re not game enough to do an entire kitchen splashback then a feature wall in the shower would be great. Or even in the laundry. I also really like the small tiles on the floor with the dark grout – would be easy to hide the dirt.

What do you think about these?

Have a great day. ♥ KC.

All of the images are from Pinterest. I tried to source original links, but Pinterest makes it hard these days as it’s enormous! If one of these is yours, let me know and I’ll happily credit. 


  1. El Warren

    13 June

    Have just finished tiling bathrooms in new house this week with dark grout everywhere. It’s so practical on a farm. Using it on the kitchen splash back too. Really happy with it.

  2. Jane Baier

    13 June

    Just in the process of updating my kitchen and have decided on black grout with subway tiles, the only thing I can’t decide is to whether to have a black or white bench top, the cabinetry will be white. My thoughts are with the White and have black accessories. Not 100% sure!

  3. Rachael

    13 June

    Hi lovely Katrina, I just noticed one of my bathrooms on this blog! (It’s the last one with the hex tiles & round Kmart mirror.) if you could credit it, that would be tops ????Do you know where abouts you found it on Pinterest? Thanks! Rachael Turner

    • Katrina

      13 June

      Can do! Not sure now where I found it on Pinterest. Just in a search.

  4. I think dark grout is practical, especially in the kitchen. Nothing worse than trying to scrub spaghetti bowl sauce stains out of white grout!! x

  5. Kate

    17 June

    I am in LOVE with dark grout! 🙂

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