I look and this photo and love every bit of it. We’re all getting older, my boys are growing up so fast. My husband and I don’t look as young as we used to! Ha. His hair is gone, I am full of wrinkles (and scars/stitches!). But I am ok with that. I’ve never been very vain and neither has my husband. He’s 46 and I’m 39. We’ve been married 16 years and these 3 boys are our biggest achievements. The 5 of us would rather be together than with anyone else in the world.

We don’t get family photos very often. I bet you don’t either! I am always clicking the camera and don’t get in them. But on the weekend we were at my nephew’s Christening and I asked my Dad to take photos of us. I just love this photo! The last decent family photo we had was when I was on The Block and that was 5 years ago.

Time just races by doesn’t it? If you have little kids/babies, then my advice is to slow down and enjoy that. Little people = little problems! While things are changing for us and challenges are new and sometimes tough I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Fancy having 3 boys! I spent my 20s having babies, my 30s getting them through primary school and my 40s will be spent dealing with teenagers. Argh!

I just wanted to share that with you all today 🙂 ♥ KC.


  • Joanne Costa

    Great photo You look amazing as always x

  • Meekehleh Connors Deserio

    I love your authenticity and sense of family! I feel the same way about my brood! This is a really special post! Thank you for sharing!

  • Karen McMillan

    Lovely photo of you and your family. It’s nice to see how much the boys have grown up since the block days. It looks like your eldest son is taller than his dad already! They grow so quick so keep enjoying every moment.

  • Sue Billing

    Miss Katrina, you have not changed since the days we use to get around in those green kilts woolen tights and pretty red blazers xx

  • Bec Senyard

    You have a beautiful family Katrina. My life is following a similar pattern. My early thirties are raising toddlers and getting my kids into school. The time does fly by quickly. I have three girls and wouldn’t change it for the world.

    • Katrina (author)

      Precious times! X

  • Marita

    Love reading your post, you always keep me up to date with what’s happening in life, your beautiful family was such big part of my life & work as Family Day Care Educator, watching them grow and develop into amazing young men. Who love life, look after and respect their beautiful mum who is always a tower of strength in good times and not so good days. Hope today is one of your better days. You Katrina and your beautiful family will always be held close to my heart.

    • Katrina (author)

      Thank you Marita for your lovely words! Yes, well you were a very big part of looking after these boys (and keeping me sane!) when I was trying to work. I’ll be forever grateful. XX

  • Chris R

    Beautiful photo, beautiful family. My boys are 32 and 29 now, treasure every moment as the years pass way too quick. I miss the days when mine were little.

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