Unusual and hidden talents

We all have a talent (so The Universe says). Some of us have discovered them, some of us haven’t.

My sister, Amie, discovered hers only 6 weeks ago…

We always knew Amie loved to bake, but we never knew she could do this. Heck, she didn’t even know!

Amie has been a great source of laughter in our house over the last few weeks… my jaw is on the ground and I have been screaming at her WHHHHAAAAT?? HOOOOWW???

So, from out of the blue, Amie started a cake business 6 weeks ago. A talent has emerged.

She found her niche at aged 32 and I have been squealing with laughter ever since.

You hear of people who suddenly discover they can read music, play a guitar, or sing… not knowing for years they could even do that.

Amie is like a ‘cake’ prodigy.

She has not sat, slept, or eaten for 6 weeks. The cakes have consumed her. Hard work will pay off Amie!

So yesterday, she came to Wagga and brought 9 sponges (she’d made them all early yesterday morning) to deliver to people who had ordered them over facebook. She’s doing weekly deals, and this week’s special is Sponges.

I can’t show you all of her cakes here, so get on over to her facebook page: The Cake Crush and check them out!

If you’re in Wagga, she comes over lots, so order something :). Or, she’s permanently based in Albury.

PS. One of those sponges was mine and yep, we polished it off!

PS. If you follow me on twitter you’ll know I was talking about a new hair colour – do you like my new “skunked” look with dark underneath the fringe? I LOVE!


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