I have this pipe dream… to one day build a tv room up in the roof. Our roof space is huge and you can walk around up here and I have often said to my husband “one day I will put that bloody Xbox up there!”

I mean how cool would that be? To have a hidden tv room up in your roof?

I know it would be a lot of work, but I have it all mapped out in my head. The biggest issue would be reinforcing the floor up there so you didn’t fall through! And getting sheets of plaster up there to line out a section. But I soooo want it!

It would be low key though. No beds or furniture. Just a very big tv, the Xbox and lots of pillows/beanbags.

Someone put a cool photo of their attic room on Instagram on the weekend and I thought I knew who it was but turns out I can’t find the photo again! So if you are reading this, tag me pretty please! I have spent hours looking through my feed! Don’t you hate that?


These photos are not really what I want but I cannot find anything similar. If you can understand what I mean then can you point me in the right direction?

I could easily put power up there, and run an air conditioning/heater vent. However there would be no windows so it won’t be a place you could spend too long in but good for movies and sleepovers. Does anyone know if I would have a fire issue with that – having no windows?

To access the space I’d put a pull-down attic ladder in the garage coming out of the manhole. Easy! I’ve seen some DIY tutorials on how to install a set of these stairs.

See, I have it all in my head. One day… maybe! It wouldn’t be cheap so it won’t be in the list of jobs (unless anyone wants to sponsor that DIY! Lol!).

Do you have an attic room? Would you love one? Do you have wasted roof space like me?