The Tooth Fairy

I am so bad at this job. I think I need to give this job to my husband. I always forget. I have only remembered once and Cruise has lost 6 teeth so far.
The first time (yes his very first tooth!) I managed to tell him a story about her not knowing he was to be on the list because he was a new kid. He bought it and I even set the alarm on my phone the next night so I wouldn’t forget.
Then I forgot last night. Blimey. Poor kid. He had lost the tooth early in the day and we set it aside, then I never gave it another thought until he came out for breakfast. He didn’t say a word about it, so I thought maybe he forgot too. So…I raced into the pantry, grabbed some money (we give a $2 coin for each tooth) and I didn’t have the exact coin (bad sign), so I had to make it up with silver….all the while rustling the chip packets so he wouldn’t hear the money. Then I grabbed the green food colouring. Yes, somehow he convinced me ages ago that The Tooth Fairy gives coloured water if you ask. I snuck into his room and acted busy in there making the bed in case he was following. I started to feel all nervous and was shaking (hahahaha!) because I didn’t want him to catch me. I slopped the green colouring in the water and put the coins next to the glass.
I then wandered into the laundry and stashed the food colouring in there (which reminds me it’s still there!) and realised I somehow got the colouring on my hands (well I was shaking remember). I scrubbed it as hard as I could to erase any evidence.
I continued on with the morning and eventually Cruise said “The Tooth Fairy!”. We all raced into the bedroom. He picked up the coins and said “what the?” Then he said “I didn’t ask for green – I wanted pink.” Must have missed that one! And then I remembered you are SUPPOSED to take the tooth with you and THEN leave the money. So I picked up the glass and held it away from him, while incessantly chatting so he didn’t notice it was still in there.
However it was then that I could see he thought something was up. But he never said a word.
Geez I need lessons on being The Tooth Fairy! Or maybe I shouldn’t drink so much before I go to bed. I think this adds to my application of Mother of the Year.
PS. Mel, my friend, is looking after Cruise today, and she has just text me saying the new songs I put on her ipod rock. Obviously she has other priorities. Thanks Mel, I can see you have added another point to your own application for Mother of the Year…”Can babysit for you, but don’t expect me to actually look after him.” She knows I am brutal.
Have a great day. I will try to get back to my sensible decorating self next week.
Katrina x


  • Melissa

    Omg i didnt say i would supervise him i just said he could come over!!!Wonder what the kids are doing while i on this oh wll cant hear anything must all be ok….Oops thats right i have got my ipod in cant hear a thing!!!!! lol

  • Janine Marshall

    Hi Katrina,

    Have had a good laugh with this one. Sometimes I think us mum's have too much on our minds. Never heard of the coloured water. Don't feel bad there have been times when the kids have put their teeth in the glass and it has sat there for days, much to the disgust of the kids. Sometimes when the tooth fairy is under pressure she can come any time of the day. Have a great weekend and don't work too hard!

    N.W. Coast Tassie

  • The Weekend Island

    Hey Katrina! I was a follower of your blog back when I was working primarily on HouseAHolic. Your house is looking superb might I say…

  • A-M

    Hilarious. Had the same scenario here just last month… forgot 2 nights in a row. Told him that she was busy helping Santa out as he was so overrun this year. You are so the Mother of the Year! … and I'll raise my glass to it! A-M xx

  • Alison

    Oh Katrina that is so funny,
    Our Lachlan is 7 and a half and has not lost a tooth. Don't know why but he will eventually make a fortune out of that Tooth Fairy

  • A Bite of Country Cupcakes

    Lol! We too do the food color thing but only do green…You know the whole green fairy thing.
    My Friends hubby was left with their kid for a night and she lost her first tooth,After a call to mum Hubby knew the go and what to do but after one too many beers and a search for coins of any description he only had a $50 note….Should've seen his wifes eyes when the little one mentioned the fairy brought a big "Paper money"!!!!!
    Apparently the fairy was pretty intoxicated and desperate!

  • brismod

    Katrina, You are very funny. My friends refer to my dubious mothering techniques as So I hear you loud and clear.

  • The Rose Room

    haha….time to delegate the fairy job! Rachaelxo

  • Anonymous

    bahahahhaaha you have made my morning, you are truly a crack up 😀

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