Today I have a clean kitchen.

It never lasts. I wish it was like this everyday. But you see, I run a cafe out of this kitchen. Sometimes I have to yell, “kitchen closed, last round!!!” I live in this kitchen and I am tired of it. Only because I never get to enjoy it. Usually it’s full of food and kids that swing off the pantry shelves and bang the fridge door closed 500 times a day. BUT, I wouldn’t trade those cherubs for the world.
Oh, and I just ate some donkey d*ck, oops I mean devon and sauce. Then I swigged some beer. Over came my husband looking for a kiss and I got the giggles up… go for it I said. Nice wifey I am!
(I wrote this post last night – I am not drinking beer and eating devon for breakfast ha ha!)
Have a good weekend. Katrina x

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  • A-M says:

    Straight out of a magazine… just glorious. Today I have clean toilets and sinks… life just doesn't get much better! A-M xx

  • Tina says:

    Thanks for a little giggle Katrina re: the devon & sauce too funny 🙂 Your kitchen is divine – I love it!! I have a clean kitchen today too, always makes me feel better, even if it only lasts for 5 mins….*sigh*. Have a wonderful weekend – Tina x

  • Amanda {My Life Badly Written} says:

    I love it when my kitchen is nice and clean and the counter top is clear of crap and not being used as a dumping grounf…but yes it doesn't last long!

  • chair up says:

    Everything looks great Katrina.
    I don't have a clean anything at the moment…every room in the house needs a workout but I'm too busy crafting!


    haha you never cease to have me cacking myself laughing. And i gotta say (if i havent already) that i am IN LUV with your home chickie, You guys have done a wonderful job. I love it.


  • A Bite of Country Cupcakes says:

    I would happily live in your kitchen!
    Eat sleep cook clean….Just to be in that kitchen!
    Xactly kinda kitchen I want!

  • Amanda says:

    Your kitchen is lovely! The wine storage above the fridge is great. It's so nice when everything is clean and tidy – our kitchen bench is the unofficial 'dumping ground' in our place.

  • The Rose Room says:

    drunkard!!! lol…

    least you got your keep calm print up in the kitchen… and it looks gorgeous all clean. You should show us a messy picture so we know it is a real kitchen!

    would be a good post to do, the length we go to, to look good….


  • Jo says:

    What's wrong with beer and devon for breakfast??

    Jo xx

  • MandyHocklers says:

    Your house just looks like it came out of a magazine….. beautiful