Tips on decorating a small house

If you live in a small space and can’t quite work out how to make it all come together, without being overcrowded or cramped, then today I have a few tips which might help you decorate a small house using furniture and clever storage



Try hard to separate zones and create designated spaces. It may seem like open plan is the only way to go when living in small house, but sometimes everything can just end up looking messy with no real home for items and furniture. You can use screens to divide areas like a bedroom from a bathroom. Put coat or shoe racks in the entry to keep all those necessities in one area. Put a console table up against a couch to separate living and dining, yet also gaining some extra storage.


Multi-use furniture

Buy pieces of furniture which can be used for more than one purpose. For example, a trundle bed can be great for sleepovers, or a storage ottoman can be used for your feet, extra seating or additional blankets can be put inside. An extendable dining table is also a good investment. Whichever multi-purpose furniture you choose, make sure to select pieces which are size appropriate to your space.


Rethink spaces

After living in the same small space for some time you can become stuck in a rut and might need to rethink how you use all the areas in your home. Think about corners and dead spaces. Can these be better used? Maybe they could be turned in to good storage spaces with vertical book shelves. Or a small office space?


Go up

Smaller homes require you to get creative about your storage. Make sure you look up. Can you add vertical storage, shelves or modular cabinetry to empty spaces? Maybe you could add a shelf above your tv with baskets to store DVDs, remotes or magazines.


Clean up

More often that not you’ll be editing, culling and living lighter with a smaller home. This can be good! It’ll help you sort out what’s important and you’ll save money by not wanting to fill a large home with unnecessary homewares.


Paint colours

Go light and bright. No matter what, a light colour will make the room feel bigger and less crowded. I would opt for the same wall and ceiling colour so it all blends together with no starting and stopping. If you do love colour though, use it in your accents like cushions and a bit of artwork.


Soft angles

Choose furniture which is easy on the eye with soft edges and angles. Big chunky furniture is rigid in a small home. Round dining tables, curved armchairs and round mirrors work well.

♥ KC.


  • Anonymous

    Great post Katrina! Due to circumstances, I’ve down sized from a five bedroom split level home to a three bedroom ONE living area (2 bathroom) home with NO storage. NONE
    The only storage is one single linen cupboard. Yup! That’s it!!
    So I have learnt to be ruthless.

    I’m continually moving my living zone around.
    I’ve utilised a trestle/sofa table as an office space and minimised my furniture. My buffet doubles as the TV unit but has practical storage. I’ve kept a neutral colour palette with the cushions as the only colour (apart from the lounge being darker).
    It’s been a huge adjustment but a nice challenge!

    • Anonymous

      This is great Katrina I have been waiting for something like this as I have also downsized big time ! Took me a while to get used to the smaller space but now I absolutely love it !!!! Less “stuff “, less cleaning , less gardening! Love these tips ❤️

    • Anonymous

      Katrina Chambers thanks took abit of time to adjust though ❤️

  • Kayla

    My house is too big for just me but I feel like the way I arrange and my clutter make it so small! Thanks for all these tips. Just these few suggestions alone, I feel like could make a huge difference

  • roz

    Love these tips, very helpful since im currently living in an apartment! I love the idea of separating spaces and using light and bright wall colors to keep things open and spacious.

  • Arianna

    This article gave me a lot of inspiration for how I would like to decorate my house! So bright and colorful and lots of open space, just wonderful!

  • Chloe

    WOW you’ve made this space look so relaxing and inviting! I’ve been looking at moving into a studio recently so I know organization will be key. These tips will DEFINITELY go a long way! Thanks, Love!

  • La Red

    less= more especially with the right furniture pieces!

  • Luke

    Love your ideas on keeping spaces seperate! I am notoriously disorganized so putting some boundaries up in my house will go so far, can’t wait to get home and try some of your tips!

  • Isabella

    I’m currently living in a smaller home with many roommate right now and all of these tip to maximize space are super helpful! Definitely going to use these when redecorating!!

  • Hannah

    I LOVE the simplicity of these ideas! I’m moving into a new apartment in a few weeks, I’ll definitely be using a few of these tips.

  • Mary

    These ideas are so great for spring and summer coming up! I love your ideas on furthering my space by going up – my apartment has such high ceilings but not that much other space! Will definitely be using some of these!

  • Paul

    These are great pro tips on how to make the most out of a smaller space. That is interesting how lighter colors do seem to make an area feel more spacious. Vertical storage is also a very clever idea almost like in big cities where there’s not enough space you have to build high!

  • Lauren Sandes

    Thanks for sharing your amazing idea with us. I really found them very useful, Actually I am also thinking of renovating my house from a very long time but I am looking for some really good idea’s and i found your blog. Just keep sharing like this.

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