Time to do more of what you love without phone data stress!

Brought to you today by Optus Family Sharing [part 2].

Last week I introduced you to a package Optus has released called Family Sharing – a mobile plan built for households so that everyone in the family can share and maximise their data. You can share ALL of your mobile plans within the house and let nothing go to waste. Pretty awesome.


We’re a pretty active family. School holidays have kept me away from my usual computer workload. I had 7 boys to entertain yesterday which meant we had to get out of the house! I couldn’t use my WiFi, and I never want to miss an Instagram moment, so the data on my phone gets a good workout…

We also take road trips almost every single week. Usually it’s for the kids’ sport. We live right in the middle of nowhere really. No beaches or big cities for hours and hours. To get around we have to take some road trips which provides me with great scenery for photos…


Last week we took a drive up to a pine forest. The surroundings and views were so good. My eldest son, Cruise, and I were clicking the camera and our phones like crazy. We don’t like to miss a good photo moment. He’s as mad about Instagram as I am… We both like to live in the now. I like to take a photo, add it to my social media and connect with my online community as much as I can.  IMG_4810

That means we use our phone data on the go almost every day. We don’t wait to get home to use our wifi, because staying connected and building that online community is important to me. Being a full-time blogger means there is lots of online sharing to do and not having to worry about data limits on my phone gives more more time to do what I love – being out and about with my boys.

With the Optus Family Sharing Plan (if you’re the boss of the internet in your house like me!) then the control over your data spending is much easier to keep an eye on. Did you know that 68% of regular customers are using less than 50% of their monthly data inclusions? That’s a lot of wasted data. My husband sits in that category! The kids and I can steal a bit from him when we need to rather than having to pay more on our own devices each month. There will be no surprise bills and no frustration of only having enough data for half of the month. The freedom to just get out and about and stay connected with your online community becomes an easy integration.


Above is a graphic to give you a better idea on what it can mean for your family and you can find out more here. This is something you can implement in to your home instantly and start saving money to get your data usage back on track! There’s also an app you can download to keep on top of it all.

Now go, be free with the internet and get back to doing what you love! 😉

♥ KC.