A lovely blogger wrote to me yesterday who has an awesome Instagram account to ask what I thought about companies asking to use her Instagram photos on their website/catalogues/magazine…

So, for example, what if you were sent an item from a company, were happy to style it up in your home, take an awesome photo, then you put it on Instagram linking back to the company with hashtags… That would be a great plug for the company in return for the item…Then what if the company loved the photo and asked if they could use it elsewhere? They even ask for hi-res photos? Should we be able to charge a dollar amount to let them have the photo?

I was thinking about this all last night… it’s never happened to me and no one else seems to have written about this either, so today I thought I would ask you? What do you think? Will we soon be selling out Instagram photos back to companies? If we sell the photo back they won’t need to credit you – they can use the photo wherever they like. What should we charge?? Or should be just be happy we got something for free?

This is a good topic and I’d love to know your thoughts!