Things that make me happy {and not so happy}

Happy: these little legs swinging off the chair make me smile. You can’t see in this picture but he fell off his bike today and had a bloody knee. Refused a bandaid though. Tough as nails my kids.

Not so happy: these blullets from nerf guns are all over my house. My window’s, tv’s and mirror’s all have suction marks on them. One whizzed past my face earlier and I did a crazy lady scream. Ban these suckers!



  • nbeltane

    have been meaning to ask you what that font is that you are using for your titles.

    Kids hey, DD8 isn't in the good books here, (read my fb)…

  • MotorbikesLady

    Love how the lap top screen is bigger then your boy (((( Hugs ))))

  • A-M

    Hey, you are not alone with the Nerf bullets! We have hundreds of them in a very confined space. I was sort of hoping that the Nerf craze would wane like the tech decks but we're back onto the tech decks so it's gonna be never ending! A-M xx

  • Julie-Ann

    So pleased Mr17 has grown out of all these annoying toys. Your little looks so cute dangling his legs. They grow up too quick- enjoy it even with all the annoying toys:)

  • Lauren

    Those bloody Nerf things!!! They are all over my garden too. I pick them up and 10 more arrive in their place. I can only suspect they come from my next door neighbour's charming (read: bratty) children who are known as The Germans (because they are German, and I don't know their name…. I'm not racist, honest!) and one day I might just collect them all and post them through their letter box….! Grrrr!

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