I’ve been a little quiet over here and that’s not usually me! I have always written on my blog daily (well pretty much) and since December I have been a real hit and miss. I think I’ve needed some time out, and over the next month I don’t expect to be blogging much again. I have my looming surgery in a few days and I have not been well enough to even get up some days. A combination of general unwellness, anxiousness and feeling like the world needs to stop until it’s all over… I am fine though, no major dramas, I just have a little bump in the road and can’t focus on much else until it’s all done.

When the doctor asked me back in early December when I wanted my surgery I said not before Christmas and he said he was away all of January. I said no probs that means I won’t be having it until the very end of February because there were 3 things in my mind I HAD to be a part of before the surgery….

They were…

  1. Getting my middle boy sorted at high school
  2. Taking my little kid to a particular cricket game that was important to him
  3. Be a part my eldest’s 16th birthday and be there to see him get his L-plates

I woke up today knowing all of those 3 tasks are done and now I am ready for me to get fixed up, and start a new chapter.

You know when you have things in your head you NEED to tick off before you can allow yourself to do anything else? That’s where I’ve been at for the last few months.

I also thought I would go in to this surgery feeling quite well and organised, but that hasn’t happened. I haven’t been physically able to do tasks I normally love to do – like a good clean up of cupboards, or the windows, or just some deep cleaning. My Mum is coming to stay here with the kids and I said to her yesterday I haven’t been able to clean like I normally would and I didn’t want her to think I was a slob…. She just laughed (she would never think that anyway, it’s me being over the top as usual) and told me to pause for now because in a few months I’ll be back bouncing around feeling better than ever. She’s right.

I can’t wait for this all to be over. I can’t wait to hopefully feel a little better. I know I will! I have to be patient and keep going.

I’ll pop back in here when I can… but if I don’t, then I will definitely be on Instagram and will add to my stories when I can. ♥ KC.