The winner is, selling oranges, men making cupcakes & get a hair colour!

We had a busy little family weekend. My boys thought it would be awesome if they could sell oranges to make some $$. Little entrepreneurs I tell you! There they are… looking all cute with their tub of oranges and signs. They spruked, yelled out to cars, waved people down… Mr Chambo and I watched from behind the garden and both belly laughed the whole time. Unfortunately, they didn’t sell any! Ha! Can’t say they weren’t trying though (I thought their pricing was too dear, but who am I to say what price people will pay on the side of the road for fresh oranges straight from the tree!).

The grass is getting greener and greener so with 5 boys here over the weekend, they rotated between footy and swimming. I do love this time of year.

We had fresh omelettes for dinner on Saturday night. Mr Chambo loves to take control of the kitchen on the weekend. I’m not complaining! I could eat these things every day of the week! They are so fresh… Also, Mr Chambo got a bug at about 7.30pm on Sunday night to make cupcakes. I was like, whaaaa?? Why? Such a crack up! I was sure he was going to lose his ‘man-card’ for this considering there was a Rugby World Cup on, but alas, he multi-tasked and baked and watched tv (that’s a freaking first!). He dulled down the ‘cupcake’ making by just adding vanilla icing. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with men making cupcakes, it’s just weird for mine to do it! Lol!

It’s raining here today. What a nice day it will be to stay inside. Although, it’s been so hot here! I wasn’t ready for that. I said yesterday that half of Australia is probably cranky because the nights suddenly got so warm and I was reading all over facebook and twitter that people didn’t sleep very well. Can’t win can we?

Amie is coming over today with her kidlets. We have a skype call together this morning and then she is off to get her hair done with our favourite hairdresser/stylist Mel. That girl can work wonders! I have a new colour with caramel’s poking through too. I just sit in the chair and let her go.  Easiest way to freshen yourself up is with a hair colour. No need to let this part of yourself go! It’s like painting a wall – such an easy transformation. How’s your hair colour looking? I always feel so much fresher after mine is done and having a friend who does it makes it even easier because she will let me know when I am looking awful! Her favourite line (whilst screwing up her nose, pointing her finger and drawing circle in the air) is “what’s doing with this hair? It may not be annoying you, but geez it’s annoying me.” So in the chair I go! Gotta love her. 🙂

And the winner is…

I have drawn the winner of the Eurowalls Wallpaper giveaway! I had 81 comment, so thank you very much!


I’m not sure how to contact you, so hopefully someone will know, or you’ll read this post! Congratulations!

PS. Are you watching Celebrity Apprentice? I will be. Go Miss Polly! I think she is in for a rough ride. If you are watching, let me know in the comments what you think of all the ‘celebrities’ so far. I’m not a fan of Max Markson. He gets under my skin!

PPS. I did it, I’m now over on wordpress. Sorry for all the changes, but you know me, I never sit still!

PPS. (yes I am a fan of the PS’s..) I’m having an awful crohns week. I’ll call it that. I am sure I have not slept much for a week and have probably lost about 3 kg. Arrrrr! This is why I am having a quiet week this week.



  • Rhi @ Hummingbird's Song

    Love the new design Katrina, you’ve inspired me to tidy mine up a bit! I met you very briefly at Problogger, and you were just lovely.

    Also, the fact that your husband baked cupcakes is all sorts of amazing. If only mine would do the same! xx

  • A-M

    Boy you don’t muck around. It’s gorgeous! Honestly, how fast are you at cranking out a WordPress site? So impressed. You might be the next WordPress ‘guru’!
    Boys and chooks, perfect combination. That omelette stuff looks good too. #selfinvite. A-M xx

    • admin (author)

      Aww thanks lovely! I’m still fiddling and tweaking. Just working out how I’d like the comments to work and what’s easiest for everyone 🙂

  • Ellie

    I love your new look blog Katrina! You are so good at tweaking everything and making it look fab!!
    Does this mean “following” your blog will change also?
    Ellie xo

    • Katrina (author)

      There should be no changes there Ellie 🙂 *I hope not!* Let me know if you think there are any dramas. x

  • Posie Patchwork

    Oh i am tolerating the Celebrity Apprentice, well 5 minutes of it as i can not stand the washed up, has been that is Warwick Capper, he’s so revolting. As for MM, don’t let him get under your skin, i think that is EXACTLY what he likes. So smarmy, eewwww. If it was just the girls, minues Pauline Hansen, i could cope. Polly, Lisa, Julia & the girl in the bikini seem so delightful. Deni is a bit huffy, what is with that?? Do they do it for effect?? Love Posie

  • Christina @ Hair Romance

    How good does new hair feel? Best pick me up ever.
    Loving your blog! Thanks for stalking me so I can stalk you back 😉

  • Becs

    Love this new layout – just wanted to let u know, I wasn’t able to get to it on my computer, the link from twitter took me to an error page which then linked me back to your old page, and Bloglovin was having trouble too…can access it from the good ol iPhone though! Just wanted to let you know in case others may have the same issue… Or could the outdated browser on the work computer lol!

    • Katrina (author)

      Hi Becs, thanks! Oh I hope all my links are ok. I have checked them a few times and they seem ok, so fingers crossed I haven’t stuffed anything up!

  • Kira

    Re: Celeb Apprentice – So agree, Go Polly!
    I’m really appauled at Deni Hines’ behaviour & attitude to Polly and her celebrity status. Hate to break it to Deni but no one in my bracket has heard of her, her mother yes, her no – BUT we’ve all heard of Polly! Very proud of how Polly is going. As for MM, he is annoying too and seems incapable of hard work and the boys having never cleaned a toilet! Interesting show to watch thats for sure.

    Love the new layout too! And very lucky your husband bakes, my fiance barely steps foot in the kitchen, about the only thing he does make is curried chicken!

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