Morning all! Happy Saturday! How has your week been? Mine was filled with lots of activity (including the never-ending busyness of this little guy above!)…

  • On Monday I started Humira injections (for crohn’s disease). I wasn’t looking forward to them, and I am still skeptical. I tried Humira in 2010 and had terrible results, but I am hoping this time is different. My husband does the injections and on Monday we had a nurse come to the home to go through the initial phase. Wish me luck!
  • I went to Sydney yesterday with Planet Ark for National Tree Day. Hope you’re out and about enjoying nature, or planting a tree tomorrow (it’s official day). I met Glenn McGrath. I have always wanted to meet him – top bloke! My husband was very jealous! ha!
  • Today we’re off to Gundagai for rugby league. Then tonight my eldest son does his confirmation at church.
  • Tomorrow it’s another day of AFL.
  • Monday we’re all heading to Canberra as my littlest kid is playing an opening game of footy for Raiders vs Rabbitohs. He’s so excited! So am I! I’ll be snapping those photos 🙂

Hope you have a great day. ♥ KC.