The sunshine brings all the good stuff


Hi there! Just popping in for a quick hello…

The sun has been shining around here, and it makes life seem so much more brighter. The dreariness of Winter is so boring. Sometimes I can smell a tiny hint of Spring in the air. This week has been magnificent, but still pretty cold in the mornings with -3!

Monday I went to Sydney to film a video about ‘upskilling’ for SEEK Learning. I’ll share that with you next week. It was fun. I had to talk about how my career and life has changed over the years… Then I was also telling another blogger on the phone yesterday about this film and we started chatting about turning our passions in to a ‘job’. I’m pretty happy I get to be creative and now work from home… But I was also telling her about a story when I was graduating from University. On the day, we are at Parliament House, receiving our certificates. I was excited and ready to get in to the real world. I already had a job lined up – I was moving to Wagga the very next day to start working at the local newspaper. There was a guest speaker at the closing ceremony telling us we’d all change our career paths 3-4 times in our lives. I thought that was absurd. I distinctly coming out of Parliament House and saying to my Mum and Dad that I thought the statistics were rather high. I said I’d just landed the best job so I doubt I’d be changing my career at all. I will never forget that day…. and oh, how I was wrong! So, 16 years later and here I am doing something completely different and so far from what I set out to do… I also don’t think I’d stopped yet… 😉

We never stop learning, and nor should we. But sometimes we become unmotivated and unsure about our passions. BUT, I always think that when Spring time hits and the brighter days and the warmth surrounds us, we always come up with new and exciting things to fill us up. I can feel it here at home….. I can feel a spring-clean coming on. I can feel the house needs an air-out. I can feel my runners are willing me to put them on and head outside.

The sunshine brings all the good stuff…

Happy Wednesday friends. ♥ KC.


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