The heatless headband curls

Hey there! So my sister turned up here the other day with these fabulous curls in her hair – really natural – and I chucked a tantrum! I loved them so much… then she showed me THIS video, bought me a headband and now I am hooked!

Warning: selfie ahead…

I’m sitting around here in my Best & Less tracksuit with nowhere to go, but I have nice hair and a stupid selfie pose on my face 😉


Try it! I’ll be doing this more often. This hair was just done with a headband and I walked around with it in for 2 hours! I didn’t sleep with it in. Go to youtube for lots more variations.



  • Marleisa

    How Cool – can’t wait to try it!
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Kylie

    Love it …..takes me back to my ‘tween’ days of tying rags in my dead straight hair overnight. This looks much easier, more comfy and so much nicer! Yay Amie!

  • Regan

    Will definitely be giving this a go! Hair envy 😉

  • Regan

    Will definitely be giving this a go! Hair envy.

  • A-M

    Wow! that is so clever! xx

  • Deanne

    I hope curls make a comeback- I am sick of being the only one with curly hair everywhere I go! Can’t do much about my curls I was born with them- and I look weird when I straighten them!

  • Becc withers

    This is amazing! Looks so great and super easy, really hoping it works on my extremely long, layered hair. Fingers crossed!

  • Tracey Pert

    Wow! The first thing I thought today when I saw you was geez her curls look good! then I saw this! might have to grow my hair now.

  • Kira

    That looks gorgeous, how clever!

  • anastasia

    how clever – think I might give this a go! you look adorable!

  • K- l

    N.F.P. Katrina…very excited that i won the blog makeover. O.M.G!!!!! Not sure if my message is getting through. Know you have alot on atm. My 10 year old son jack is excited too….he’s a katrina fan from back in The Block days! What do you need from me? Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Cindy

    That is too awesome, thanks for sharing!
    I’ll definitely be trying this on the weekend

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