The end of the week again and it was terrible…


Hi there! I haven’t blogged much this week have I? It’s been a crap week here in my house. Nothing major has happened, it was just one of those weeks. I guess I knew a bad week was on the horizon. I am always trying to picture the glass half full, but this week has tested me! Ha!

I’ve had a rough week with a child. He’s tired and he needs school holidays. He went head-to-head with me for 12 hours on Wednesday. I was exhausted and so teary by the end of the day. He refused to go to school that day because I would not let him wear non-uniform tracksuit pants for sport. I was not giving in and neither was he. So World War III erupted. He wrecked his room, I yelled and there was no school. I couldn’t physically put him in the car. Now, this child is normally gorgeous and extremely clever. But he’s also stubborn and determined. He’ll do well in life so I won’t ever have to worry about him! He and I are similar in regards to our stubbornness, so of course neither of us were backing down. So he sat for about 12 hours on the lounge arguing on and off and getting under my skin. Needless to say I was happy to go to bed that night and we all woke much happier. BOYS! Their aggression and determination is testing. I can’t wait for their hormones to kick in – NOT!

I also had a few things fall apart I have been working on. Again, nothing major, but still… they did count and meant something to me. However, I know that when one door close another one will open, so I’m ok with that. But nobody hates feeling down and out for a bit!

I have also been back on new medication for my crohn’s. I am feeling really good with that. For those who want to know, I am taking 25mg of 6-MP and 100mg of Allopurinol. Today I am having my bloods done to watch my liver function. I did write about this drug combo back here. I’m still not convinced this is the drug for me because I can almost guarantee I will have liver problems. Anyway, I can only keep trying and I feel great at the moment so that’s all that counts hey?

We had some friends/relatives over for dinner last night. It was fun and god we laughed. We always get takeaway Chinese when they come. Normally I love Lemon Chicken but the last few times I’ve ventured into new territory and have been getting Chicken Black Bean. Yum! I am normally a creature of habit and would be happy to spend the rest of my life eating the same thing every single day. It doesn’t worry me at all! I go to restaurants and almost always order the same thing every time. It drives my husband crazy haha!

The weekend ahead will again be filled with sport. I actually love the weekends because I love watching them play. They are happiest when they are playing sport. I also have some little DIY projects sitting here waiting for my to tackle so hopefully I get those done. Plus, I’ve been very busy designing a few blogs and websites so I need to finish those up this weekend.

How has your week been? Better than mine I hope! 🙂

PS. I have finally updated my UNDER 100 DOLLARS site so pop over there for a look!



  • Scandi Coast Home

    having a MAJOR declutter here……lots of stuff to Salvos. Feels good……I just couldn't leave it until Spring!
    kids are challeging hey? I hope all is well today. Thank goodness for school hols!

  • Penny barns

    School holidays are in full swing up here. Just finishing our first week. Sleep ins are huge in this house. I have to wake them if they don’t get up by 1030-11am as seriously my kids will sleep all day. I think they do so much through the school week with school, footy training, tutors that in the holidays they are exhausted…. The second week is always a week were we seem to do activities.
    Enjoy the holidays.
    Pen 🙂

  • Natasha Hansen

    Ha, my eldest daughter once refused to go to school because being a tomboy she had decided that on that particular day she was not wearing her dress uniform and I simply couldn’t get the stubborn bugger into the car…we laugh about it now so it does get better.

  • Katrina Chambers

    Oooo I love a good declutter! Have fun. X

  • Tegan

    Oh god I have a headstrong daughter already at almost 3 doesn’t get any better with age huh!

    Look forward to seeing our projects. Our house is looking amazing!

    Wandering do you know of any farmers markets etc in Wagga fresh fruit and veg

    • Tegan


  • Amanda

    That’s no good your week has been crappy 🙁 Battling with a stubborn one would have left me exhausted too… hope holidays aren’t too far away for you all… we’re hanging out for them here too. Your description of ordering the same dishes at restaurants made me smile… I do the same 🙂 My husband hates that my friend and I always meet for a catch up at the same restaurant and I always order the exact same dish! Why change a good thing? Have a lovely weekend xx

  • Michelle

    Love your honesty Katrina. I too have a stubborn one but he also brings me so much joy. I also order the same thing in restaurants…I go out so little I want to eat what I know i’ll enjoy! Enjoy your weekend of sport. Ours has been cancelled due to the ‘lovely’ weather in Sydney. 🙂

  • Priya

    Hope this coming week turns out lovely and takes away all the ouches. Priyaxx

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