The Block Triple Threat: Kitchens!

The kitchens were revealed on The Block Triple Threat last night… they are always my favourite rooms! What did you think?

Jess & Ayden took home first place with 26/30. Here’s their room below…

Jess + Ayden 800x800 (2)

H3_R8_JA_kitchen00 copy H3_R8_JA_kitchen01 copy H3_R8_JA_kitchen02 copy H3_R8_JA_kitchen03 copy H3_R8_JA_kitchen18 copy H3_R8_JA_kitchen28 copy

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Tim and Anastasia created a slick and sophisticated kitchen and took 2nd prize with 23.5/30…

Tim+ Anastsia 800x800 H2_R8_TA_kitchen00 copy H2_R8_TA_kitchen33 copy The Block in Melbourne 1 2 3::

Josh & Charlotte produced a subtle kitchen and received a score of 22.5/30…

Josh + Charlotte 800x800 The Block in Melbourne The Block in Melbourne The Block in Melbourne The Block in Melbourne The Block in Melbourne


Darren and Dea were on the bottom of the score board this week with 20/30. Shayna was livid and called their kitchen “arrogant” because the D’s moved their kitchen and didn’t listen to any advice… what do you think?

Deanne + Darren 800x800 The Block in Melbourne 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Did the judges get it right this week?

There’s a whole lot more The Block photos over here too!


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