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The Block: Bathrooms & Terrace

What did you think about The Block last night? The boys did deserve to win – we’re really digging their space! It wasn’t over done on the styling… we thought some of the other rooms were a bit too much. The bathroom was big though? Do you think that will hurt their space further down the track?

H4 Rm2 B_D2416

H4 Rm2 B_D2418

H4 Rm2 B_D2436

H4 Rm2 B_D2450

H4 Rm2 B_D6995

H4 Rm2 B_D6999

H4 Rm2 B_D7010

H4 Rm2 B_D7061

H4 Rm2 block2084

Below we have Kyal and Kara’s bathroom. We’re loving the tiles! It does seem a little unfinished though? And where do you put all your stuff – like the hairdryer and straightener?

H2 Rm2 block2153

H2 Rm2 K_K2366

H2 Rm2 K_K2371

H2 Rm2 K_K2387

H2 Rm2 K_K2395

H2 Rm2 K_K2398

H2 Rm2 K_K2403

H2 Rm2 K_K2410

H2 Rm2 K_K6987

Next we have Steve and Chantelle’s room… what did you think here? A little bit of a tough week for these guys? Yeah, we know! Remember? We do love the exposed brick, but again not a lot of bench space. We need bench space!

H1 Rm2 block2160

H1 Rm2 C_S2209

H1 Rm2 C_S2207

H1 Rm2 C_S2200

H1 Rm2 C_S2203

H1 Rm2 C_S2226

H1 Rm2 C_S2234

H1 Rm2 C_S2247

H1 Rm2 C_S6960

Lastly, what about the girls? What did you think? Were you expecting them to win? We’re probably not in love with it, although the exposed brick looks great. But, where is the storage? Like, there is none? Plus the outside showering thing might be a little cold in Melbourne and where do you dry your clothes? The penny tiles are great though!

H3 Rm2 A_L2473

H3 Rm2 A_L2484

H3 Rm2 A_L2494

H3 Rm2 A_L2499

H3 Rm2 A_L7017

H3 Rm2 A_L7041

The Block in Melbourne

H3 Rm2 block2096

Come over to the forum where we have a thread set-up where you can chat all about the rooms!



  1. Reply

    The Plumbette

    February 17, 2014

    I missed seeing Kyal and Kara’s bathroom. Gee they did well to get everything into that tight space. Love the hexagonal tiles they used.
    I didn’t like the girls bathroom purely for practical purposes.
    I agree that the boys bathroom was the deserving winner but I don’t like that skinny toilet with skinny cistern and I was also wondering how the size of the room will impact the rest of the apartment space. But well done to all four teams on getting a bathroom, laundry and terrace done in one week!!

  2. Reply


    February 18, 2014

    I think the judges were right again. I can’t watch the show because I’m O/S – what was the brief? They all look really similar. Some beautiful tiles in all of them.