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Hi there! Thanks for stopping by today. It was the Hallway and Laundry Reveal on The Block. I am never really fussed on hallways, but I do love a good laundry! It’s always fun to see what the contestants get up to – with an unlimited budget! Because in real life, who really has a pile of money to spend on a laundry?? It’s nice to drool over these 😉

I liked Sticks and Wombat’s effort, but I didn’t love it. Glad they popped another toilet in, but that mirror was hideous. I also like the dryer and washer side-by-side down low. Much more streamline.

I don’t think Josh and Elyse’s was as good as the judges said it was. Why that metal glass door? And the big clunky window as a splashback in the laundry? That could have been slimmer with a piece of glass.

I really liked Jason & Sarah’s this week. It was stunning and grand with the skylights in the entry! Hannah and Clint’s hallway and laundry was tiny in comparison to the others? Not as much space.

The final scores for hallway and laundry week were: Sticks and Wombat on 28.5, Josh and Elyse on 27, Jason and Sarah on 26.5, Ronnie and Georgia on 24.5 and Clint and Hannah on 22.

Come and check them out in order of points this week…

Sticks & Wombat

You can SHOP Sticks & Wombat’s room here.

Georgia & Ronnie

You can SHOP some of their room here.

Hannah & Clint

You can SHOP some of their kitchen here

What did you think of the hallway and laundry this week? Which room did you like?

You can see all the rooms so far over here.

♥ KC.



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    Jane Elton

    September 25, 2017

    I loved Jason and Sarah’s. So wide, so classic but stylish.