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The Block 2017: Backyard Reveals

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by today. It was Backyard reveals on The Block this week. I do love these spaces, only because I am generally hopeless at designing outdoor things and I like to be inspired. What did you think about them? And all that drama with the swimming pools! Argh.

I knew we’d expect black, timber, concrete and greenery, so that was a given. But it then came down to who organised their space better.

There was practically no shade outside of these house. I was disappointed. Considering this was a new extension I am baffled as to why there was nothing. Personally for me, I can forget sitting outside full stop if I don’t have any coverage.

I also love a pool, so I think it was a good idea to put them in. Luckily they weren’t big pools, so they won’t take a lot of heating up in the warmer months and will probably get used a lot.

Josh and Elyse did a really good job of their space. It was well planned. It was my favourite. But then I did like Georgia and Ronnie’s too. A plunge pool is not my preference, but they did design it well and integrated it in to the yard perfectly.

Sticks and Wombat’s yard was too choppy for me. There were spaces and zones everywhere and it didn’t flow as well as a backyard should. Too much maintenance with that one.

Jason And Sarah’s yard was good I thought. Minus a pool, but still a really good family space. It was open and free-flowing.

There was a lot of decking and an ugly spa in Hannah and Clint’s yard. That for me wasn’t the best.

The final scores for backyard week were: Josh and Elyse on 29.5, Sticks and Wombat on 29, Sarah and Jason on 27 (after losing a point for not including their cubby house from a previous challenge), Ronnie and Georgia on 25.5 and Hannah and Clint on 22.

Come and check them out in order of points this week…

Georgia & Ronnie

You can SHOP some of their outdoor room here.

Hannah & Clint

You can SHOP some of their outdoor room here

What did you think of the outdoor spaces this week?

You can see all the rooms so far over here.

♥ KC.


  1. Loved J&E’s space!

  2. Nicole Lannoy

    8 October

    Josh and Elyse deserved the win. Also like Stcks and Wombat’s yard.

  3. Nancie Baker

    8 October

    I didn’t like R&G’s pool at all. Those palm trees are so tacky. Looks like they bought their landscaping from Big W garden centre circa 1977. Then she had the hide to criticise S&W for using bamboo. I think the judges actually got the scoring right this time.

  4. yeah i was a bit disappointed too, I think the cubby house idea was pretty stupid actually as I think they brought ALL of the backyards down (smart move on house 1 not to put it in I say)

  5. Also the build was over winter so I wonder if they even considered shade being an issue in Melbourne?? (it is!!)

  6. I agree with the lack of coverage…all that EXPENSIVE outdoor furniture fully exposed like that irks me…especially with the weather so unpredictable in Melbourne. They aren’t very practical spaces. I love a good deck, but an uncovered one is wasted.

  7. Amber Jayne

    9 October

    Loved josh and elyse! I’m wondering if Dave Franklin is way too expensive to do our New house landscaping

  8. Kerryn Woods

    9 October

    I thought the judges’ scoring was spot-on this time. Ronnie & Georgia’s yard had some great points but the pool takes up too much space & the exposed palms are really going to struggle in Melbourne – scorched in summer & hit by frost in winter. They’ll look tatty & awful very quickly. Hannah & Clint’s plantings look cheap and sparse – their space could have been hugely improved by better plants (and minus that spa, ugh!).

    I agree about the lack of shade – the blocks run east-west, so the back yards have full northern exposure on one side and really need some protection to make them usable in summer. Some kind of pergola or retractable roof or awning over at least part of the deck would be practical.

  9. Nicole Gray

    9 October

    I think the right people won in both design and karma.

  10. Sarah Read

    9 October

    Yep. Absolutely got last night right. I really think Josh and Elyse are on a winner. I really wish Georgia would get over herself. Sick of her playing victim when she doesn’t get her own way. Also sick of Jason being a d*ck. And couldn’t agree more on the lack of shade covering from everyone. This little white duck would get very burnt if she was lucky enough to visit!

  11. Debra Oldfield

    9 October

    Did not like R&G backyard
    Water tank would be more useful than that Tessie the tank lol

  12. Those yards are hot ☀️ magnets with the rear building that close to the main house- with no shade, yuk! Contestants did a good job but these yards are tiny compared to the house size.

  13. Katrina Smith

    9 October

    Where is the shade when dining outside????? Melbourne gets some hot summer days. Seems to be all about winter with fire pits. This is a 5 bedroom house with a small living area and yard. Kids dont have much room to run around and a renter above the garage looking into your yard. YEEKS

  14. Hate the raw brick walls in J & E. Loved the mural in R & G very classy.

  15. Jan Lapworth

    9 October

    The cubby house right next to the shipping container swimming pool seems a bit dangerous. A child could climb onto the roof . There didn’t seem to be any safety barriers around the pool.

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