That one time when it was quiet

Don’t hate me but I’ve been minus 2 kids and a husband the last few days… oh boy it’s been good. Just the littlest guy and I…

They’ve all been camping, in the freezing cold, without a toilet AND NO PHONE SERVICE… umm no thanks! I don’t camp.

I didn’t tell you all earlier because I worried someone might grab me in the night {dramatic, I know!}.

So I have spent the last couple of days catching up on some work, sanding a bench chair, getting my nails and hair done, eating dinner with my girlfriends and stuff. I ran the dishwasher ONCE and didn’t need to buy milk at all. It’s the small things!

I’m ready for them to come home today. I have missed them though and I hate being away from my husband {yes feel free to roll your eyes here}.

They’ll walk through the door smelly, tired and cranky. Just in time for my husband to jump through the shower as we head off to our niece’s wedding. Amie is coming back over to have my boys for the night. I love it when my husband gets in a suit! I am recycling a dress I already have, and I attempted to sleep in the headband last night, but I just couldn’t! It felt weird! So I’ll just wear it for a few hours today and see how we go {I could end up putting it up in a bun anyway hahaha}.


Happy weekend! X

PS. Oh, and I will give you a quick update on the day surgery… I got through it ok and it wasn’t so bad. Thanks for your messages too. I am just pumping antibiotics at the moment and hopefully I’ll come good. I feel ok but I know I’m not 100%. I need this bump in the road to even out because I’ve got crap to do!!

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