Thanks for the laugh

Thanks so much to my lovely blog friends for playing along with my opinions. I had such a smile on my face and so glad some of you (Natasha) had a really good laugh at me. Was a lot of fun.
Yes agreed our homes are a reflection of our personalities but sheesh there is also a whole lot of crap out there! I mean, I don’t get paid to give you my opinions (as in, I am not a stylist or designer – and don’t claim to be). And probably thank god I don’t, because I am likely to make no money!  🙂
I know that not everyone is not into ‘interiors’, like I am not into certain things, but I think that if someone is going to blog about their house, we might want to take a look around sometimes ha!! I am a real background-looker, and I am guessing lots of you are too.
I appreciate you coming along for a laugh, and maybe I will just give you my ideas on clothes one day….
I think we could start a really good tv show together. I watch so many of them and cringe at the out-of-date, daggy and complex rooms. Then I watch those organisation shows and soooooo know I can do better. Yep, I do like things to be clean too! So what about a total house make-over show – room, organisation and cleaning??? Practical and simple? I am good at that because remember I have 3 boys, work full time and have a husband that runs his own company. I am not a lady of leisure. Let me at it. Oh and Jackie, my sister will have you sorted in no time.  🙂

Until then, clean some crap out (yes Sarah, I do have massive clear outs, and thanks Mel for the link because this guy is speaking my language)……


  • Ness Lockyer

    Always love your thoughts.
    I just posted my own about the whole commenting thing and how I may be guilty.
    Ness xx

  • Brabourne Farm

    A girl after my own heart! One of the things I love most in life is a good throw out – I just don't understand people who hoard and hang on to old and ugly things! Leigh

  • Gail McCormack

    Hi Katrina

    I loved your previous post, I started this long involved comment to leave back….but in the end deleted it. The reason being I was agreeing with you, saying I hate clutter too, both in my home and mind…but then I went onto say I don't have time to declutter at the moment, then thought to myself, I'm not alone there, who does have time? I think you do a wonderful job, working as you do with three little ones! Another of my hates at the moment is reading Blog Posts where the blogger starts a post saying "I'm so busy"…..yakes that's probably me at times, nah, it's OK to say that sometimes but not over and over again, gets a bit tiring.

    It was good to sift through my thoughts and discover for me, my decorating needs to be a balance of what we can afford financialy and time wise too and of course what makes us happy and fits in with our lifestyle, the most important thing is to be happy with your surroundings, if you enjoy having your vase or teacup on top of a lace doiley – do so, if you don't have room to store all your shoes away in a cupboard, don't loose sleep over it

    I was getting way too confused trying to decorate a certain room in a theme I'd seen in a magazine or on the internet, then half way through change my mind to something else, I'm now much happier to chuck my favourite's together as I go and if I say so myself, it's all looking good.
    For me at the moment that's my way of doing things and I totally respect everyone's methods too.

    Hope that all made sense – if not, you surely did get me feeling as if I'm knowing what I'm doing, so I thank you for that Katrina


  • Alicia ~ Time Worn Style

    Yeps you sure stirred the pot girl! Dont worry I am probably going to get hate mail now re. my comments on painting stuff white. Quite hypocritical of me really as I have heaps of furniture that is white HA!! (but not the cat)

  • Vicki Archer

    Hello Katrina….about the commenting thing…
    Sometimes I have to choose between commenting and blogging to catch up because as much as I like blogging I like reading other's blogs and commenting on their ideas. I never respond back on my blog unless they have no linkage because I agree who has got time to double look at a post. Comments make you feel like someone is out there reading what you have taken the time to write and photograph so it is very important to reciprocate…I just think sometimes it is not physically possible to comment as much as you would like.
    Great post and love your sister's house btw….Happy Christmas, xv.

  • Style Seduction

    I love interiors! I love anything with an arty flair or fashion edge…. 🙂

  • Alison

    Another fabulous post.
    Maybe you need to come have a holiday at my house and do a declutter for me.
    I am getting better at the decluttering but no where near as good as you.
    keep on keeping on.

  • Sarah

    Love your idea of a TV show, I would certainly watch & learn. Maybe that's your calling!

    I agree with the other ladies on your tackling the subjects that get you going & realised a few of my own flaws in the process. A few points made me cringe & a few I whole heartidly agreed with. I love listening/reading about & chatting with people who have a bit of fire about them & for this reason I love comming to your blog.
    Please do your post on what people wear, I have the Suzannnah & Trinny books, What not to Wear 1 & 2 & would love to hear your views.

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