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Termites in your home would be an absolute nightma...

Termites in your home would be an absolute nightmare!

Brought to you by Termidor.

Termites in your home would be an absolute nightmare! I guess it’s not something we put on top of the list when we’re building or renovating?? Usually we’re too busy thinking about kitchen benches, paint colours, tiles and all the pretty things that going in to making our house a home. But guys, this is an important blog post today. Let’s talk about termites, because we HAVE to. We don’t want our most precious possession (ie. our home) taking a turn for the worse down the track and we find out our termite protection wasn’t up to scratch, or shock horror, non-existent!

Today I want to share with you a product I recently discovered called Termidor HE. It’s a termite treatment which works, and is guaranteed! When a single termite comes into contact with Termidor, it will unknowingly transfer it back to the colony on its body, including every termite it contacts on the way, thus impacting termites that have not even been near the Termidor treated zone. This is the “Transfer Effect” and a key reason why no other termiticide performs as well as Termidor.

Termites can be a serious threat to our homes and investment properties, Termidor is a market leading brand delivering unparalleled termite control. Termidor HE is the newest innovation in termite control.

See this photo below? Blue represents standard treatments. Red represents Termidor HE’s system. Standard treatments have very limited movement through the soil and can be unevenly distributed within the protective zone. Termidor HE spreads through the soil to create a deep, invisible, even and unbroken protective zone that all termites are affected by. Standard treatments require significant trenches to be excavated well below the footing, the trenches are then backfilled with treated soil to form the protective zone and can lead to disruption and damage of landscaping. Termidor HE is applied in shallower trenches and advanced polymer technology then allows its active ingredient to spread down at least as deep as standard treatment.

What’s involved?

Getting your home treated with Termidor HE usually takes less than a day and may involve the following:

  1. A licensed and certified pest control professional will conduct a thorough inspection of your property
  2. A trench will be dug around your home which will extend down to the foundations.
  3. Termidor HE will be applied as the soil is back filled.
  4. Holes are drilled through slabs and paths. However for Termidor HE treatments the option of drill holes out to 450mm means drilling in grouting rather than through tiles. Therefore there is less likely to be any need to drill through tiles (especially great if you’ve invested in expensive tiles!), Plus the advanced technology in Termidor HE with increased movement through the soil means treatment won’t be compromised by obstacles like underground pipes. Some soils, such as heavy clays, may be removed and replaced with a sandy loam before treatment.
  5. A follow-up visit by your pest control professional. Any responsible termite treatment should include this.

So, if you’re building a house, renovating, have recently done some work around the outside of your home, it would be a good idea to organise for a certified pest control professional to come to your house to check things over. Ask them about Termidor HE! Its fast elimination of termite activity, no effect on soil micro-organisms, earth worms and plants does make this product a leading termite repellent. Even better, Termidor comes with a $2 million guarantee when applied by an accredited pest controller.

Find an accredited Termidor HE applicator and get more information here.

♥ KC.


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