Ten Golden Rules for Styling a French Provincial Bedroom

French Provincial is a classic interior style which evokes romance and elegance.

The style is best achieved with a number of elements working together for a cohesively elaborate space which is paired back with functional design.

It’s a charming interior which is refined and practical which makes it a delightful style of choice for a master bedroom.

These ten golden rules for styling a French Provincial Bedroom will create a master suite even royalty will be envious of!

  1. Luxurious Bed

The focal piece, which captures the heart of every French Provincial Bedroom is a luxurious bed. A bedframe with ornate details on the headboard, velvet upholstery and button indentations will rouse elegance and sophistication. Luxury beds can vary in style and detail but your chosen piece will provide the anchoring piece to a French provincial master suite.

  1. Grand bedside tables

Bedside tables which match the bedframe and are grandeur in their shape and style will interconnect this romantic style further. Unlike modern interiors where the bedroom furniture won’t match, the opposite is true in French Provincial styling. A matching bedside table on either side of the bedframe is perfectly ok for this interior style.

  1. Chandelier or sconces

Lighting delivers mood and functionality in the bedroom and a French Provincial bedroom will go all out or be paired back with simple elegance.

The all out lighting is a chandelier, and the paired back can be achieved with matching sconces. Think about practicality when choosing the hero lighting for your French provincial bedroom.

  1. Mirror and vanity

A vintage mirror and antique style vanity are common French Provincial furniture pieces which drive a cohesive look embodying French Provincial design.

Unlike some modern and minimalistic vanities, plenty of storage space is offered providing a functional space to use in the bedroom.

  1. Neutral and pastel colour palette

A softer colour palette is embraced in French Provincial styling. Colours are muted to natural tones and neutrals are used in varying shades for a refined and sophisticated interior. This allows the bedroom to have an airy and inviting feel. It also opens up the bedroom which works in the effect of making the bedroom look more spacious than it is.

  1. Lace and Broderie Anglaise textures

Lace details on bedlinen with broderie anglaise textured throws add depth to your master suite. Lace embodies romance and grace which adds whimsical charm to your space. Consider lace curtains if the bedroom feels too feminine with competing delicate textures.

  1. Floral accents

A crystal vase of flowers on the bedside table introduces floral accents which play on the sensual side of French Provincial. Art featuring floral tapestries or blooming petals will add interest and contrast to a neutral palette.

  1. Lived in wall coverings

French Provincial also has a lived in feel which can evoke relaxation. This can be best achieved using wall paper with a muted or washed out design. Alternatively a paired back paint with creamy and pastel undertones can cohesively tie all the elements of furniture and décor together.

  1. Antique décor

Ornate, antique décor are the cherry pieces which offer interest and draw the eye beyond the grandeur of the furniture.  Antique jewellery boxes, handheld mirrors and ornate vases are the perfect accessories to place on your bedside table and vanity.

  1. Reading Chaise

While a master bedroom offers a refuge for sleep, creating a sleeping nook with a reading chaise can offer an alternate spot to relax in sophistication. It’s a classic piece which is often passed through family generations.

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