Since my last bout of illness about 3 months ago (and 2 separate sleepovers in hospital) I have made some subtle changes to what I eat and how I take care of myself. It’s not anything major, just small changes, but yesterday I realised how much it has helped me. I have a little friend who is very ill in Melbourne hospital with Crohn’s at the moment and we were texting last night. She was telling me how she needs to take better care of herself and not feel bad about putting herself first. I couldn’t agree more.

When I was sick a few months ago I was having trouble eating food. That’s not usual for me even when I have a Crohn’s flare – I still manage to be able to eat. I do slow down on the intake when I am sick because of the toilet visits, but mostly I can still eat. But this last time I felt like food and I were not friends. I was feeling really lethargic, my skin was terrible and I wasn’t sleeping overly well…

I made a quick decision to change some of my eating. I went to skim milk, no butter, less sugar, no alcohol (not that I did drink much anyway and if I do want a drink I have been enjoying vodka, lime, and soda with no sugars or fermented stuff). It might not sound huge, but just with those small changes I then started to think about each meal a little differently… chicken breast instead of a bbq chook, light dressing on a salad, no bread with that… just a few small things. I would say the biggest one would be less sugar. I have always had a sweet tooth and still do, but I am happy to have less of it now.

I noticed I had dropped a couple of kgs too. Not intentionally, but I knew I had. I thought I’d weigh myself yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised. I think this is why I am writing this blog post today because just with those small diet changes I have noticed so many beneficial things. My jeans feel good, I am not bloated and my skin isn’t as dry. Actually, I discovered I have been constantly dehydrated as well. I have been taking a hydralyte every couple of days and my skin hasn’t been as flaky (immunosuppressant drugs don’t help your skin!). Plus I’ve been on Swisse Hair, Skin and Nails supplements for about 4 weeks and I feel it’s beneficial.

Whether this will continue I don’t know! But I hope I stay on top of taking care of myself. I think I have to because the results are proving to be good. Doing this over the last 3 months has also helped my entire family. What I eat, the kids and husband also eats… so overall we’ve all been eating a bit better.

Taking care of me first is more important than I realised. ♥ KC.