It takes a week to recover…

This 40th birthday of mine really went on forever! I am not complaining because of course it’s been alllll about me lately 😉

Last Friday a big group of us headed down to Melbourne for a few days of fun. Husband’s included. I had the best time. Actually, it would have to be one of the best weekends I’ve had in a really long time. It was full of conversation, laughing and no real time frames. We did as we pleased and just went with the flow. We went to an AFL game, out for dinner, lots of shopping, lots of drinking, hit the Casino and the dance floor in an 80’s bar.

Oh, but I am feeling it today. I didn’t drink a great deal of alcohol because I can’t, but I did eat like there was no tomorrow. Plus I am so tired… It will take me a week to get over. This is because I normally go to bed at 8.30pm and rise at 5am. I totally threw caution to the wind this past weekend. What a rebel. Lucky I don’t do that very often. 😉

My Mum came to my house and had the kids for us. The last time my husband and I went away on our own was in 2012. We either go on our own trips, or take the kids with us. It’s not a usual thing for us to be without the kids. It was actually such a treat. Is it bad that I didn’t miss them at all? Ha! They are pretty self sufficient so my Mum didn’t need to stress too much over them.

It was a marathon to go away though. In that week leading up I ran myself crazy getting organised. Between nail and hair appointments, food, washing, housework and ringing other people to pick up kids and drop them home from sports, I think I am more tired from the preparation than anything else. Do you do that too??? Seems so silly, but I can’t go away if things are in chaos, or unorganised. It’s much easier to walk away feeling like everything is under control.

My Mum left my house immaculate so today I don’t have to do much except some washing. I am sitting in complete silence catching up on emails I neglected last week because I was in preparation mode…!

It’s so nice to break the routine and monotony sometimes. I really did need that weekend away. It always fills me up, clears my mind and today I have new projects and ideas racing around in my brain.

When was the last time to took some time out from the usual day-to-day?

♥ KC.