Take a peek at Hamish Blake and wife Zoe’s new home

This is old news, but I still couldn’t help sharing the pictures! Have a look at Hamish and Zoe’s newly purchased home situated in Richmond, Melbourne. You can see an archived listing of the home here.


I remember watching this home come up on Grand Designs. I loved it! Then when I saw it pop up on the internet during the week I had to go looking at all the photos again. WOW!




w800-h534-8733637_4_pi_150319_100547 - Copy

w800-h534-8733637_5_pi_150319_100547 - Copy

w800-h534-8733637_6_pi_150319_100547 - Copy


692669-191d1070-162e-11e5-be24-42d1c440f308 - Copy

TLC_GDA4_Richmond_FXTL_RhiannonSlatter2013_016 - Copy

TLC_GDA4_Richmond_FXTL_RhiannonSlatter2013_024 - Copy

TLC_GDA4_Richmond_FXTL_RhiannonSlatter2013_020 - Copy - Copy

TLC_GDA4_Richmond_FXTL_RhiannonSlatter2013_018 - Copy - Copy

TLC_GDA4_Richmond_FXTL_RhiannonSlatter2013_015 - Copy (2)

TLC_GDA4_Richmond_FXTL_RhiannonSlatter2013_013 - Copy - Copy

TLC_GDA4_Richmond_FXTL_RhiannonSlatter2013_008 - Copy - Copy

It even had a lift up to the top balcony. The home was designed by Neil Architecture and you can read an article on the original owners Ruth and Darren Rogers here.


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