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Reno Rumble: Reveal 4

This week on Reno Rumble we saw Debbie's whole house get a full renovation. The reveals were split over 2 nights (one half was last week), but I thought I'd blog the entire one all together. Check out the rooms below... The communal room this week was the hallway... Office (Dane and Leanne) Colin thought [...]

Reno Rumble: Reveal 3

Hi there! I am impressed with some kitchens from last night's Reno Rumble house reveals. Glad to see the contestants improving! The RED team scored a total of 86/120 and the BLUE team scored a total of 88/120 which means they are the winners this week. This week saw Jim and Hayley packing as they were sent home. Check [...]

Want to be a part of a tv pilot?

The Lifestyle Channel and Shaynna Blaze – will be transforming people’s homes in stunning makeovers. You could be on the show and get your room a fresh new look! Filming starts in November and will continue into 2016, and at this stage The Lifestyle Channel is searching for applicants to be on the show and have their space professionally […]

The Block 2015: New cast coming soon!

Have you seen the new promo for The Block coming soon? Nicknamed the Blocktogon the new cast has been challenged to convert the octagonal shaped Hotel Saville in South Yarra into plush apartments. Julz (the producer) said there will be a change of direction in casting with a back-to-basics approach focusing on “clueless”, passionate, do-it-yourself couples. Hooray! […]

Steve and Tiana WIN House Rules

I’m happy Steve and Tiana won House Rules last night. How great were their reactions? I had originally picked Ben and Danielle as the winners waaayyyy back at the start, but I think the reactions on Steve and Tiana’s faces were priceless. It’s nice to see deserving people win… What about their secret room reveals? […]