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A day in my life

Around here lately

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by today. July was a month of birthday’s, confirmation and a lot of sitting in the car watching the boys play sport (freezing!).

When your baby catches a lobster! How is this one going to be in high school next year too???

2 faces I love!…

Around here lately

This is a HUGE photo dump today! I realise it’s been weeks and weeks since I did an ‘Around here lately’ post! So today I am loading up all the photos. I do love to keep a record of what’s been happening. I take so many photos everyday and…

Around here lately

G’day! How has your week been? I’ve been doing some social media work for a couple of companies, plus interior design consults and writing on my blog this week. It’s been filled with lost of different daily activities and I’ve enjoyed the challenges. Mixing it all up has been…

Around here lately

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by!

I’ve been a busy little bee. SOOOO much activity but it’s all good. The last couple of months has been good to me, and I am truly bloody grateful. Lots of opportunities have come my way. Next week I’m starting a social media gig…